blade/wrist faucet:less 'industrial' alternative

mrtulinSeptember 19, 2013

I tested these faucets at the nursing homes I visit. Of course I've used them before, but never had the perspective of using them in my own kitchen. (I'm the messy cook)
They look too clinical . And none have pull down faucets

There are faucets with levers that look like you could use the back of your hand or wrist when hands are covered with chicken goo or batter.

Can you suggest some pull down models with a design that might work for me? Delta looks like it has some.

Sorry, but photobucket and I are not getting along right now or I'd post photos of some I've found
Thanks so much

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Circus Peanut

Ida, it's something I've also wanted for ever and ever. Alas, no luck in all my searches.

I settled for the wristblades without a pull-down sprayer, the Kohler Essex, and absolutely love the faucet despite still yearning for a pull-down.

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I have a Delta pull down faucet that I can easily turn on and off with my wrist or even forearm and it's not those types of levers. Maybe look for something like what i have with the lever independent of the faucet to give you the maximum room for contortion of icky chicken hands. LOL

Edited to add that to turn it on you pull.push up on the lever and off is down.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Kate

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We're looking at the Delta Trinsic which another poster already has. It's a pull-down with one handle, not blade handles (but should be easy to turn on/off without using fingers). It also comes in a touchless version.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Trinsic

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trinsic was one I'd looked at. Don't you think that handle is very small to be 'manipulated' by wrist or forearM?
The Kate looks promising. I saw one with nearly identical handle attached to the faucet, but Kate is roomier.

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The low-tech way to get around this is to have a piece of paper towel handy (or a dry washcloth you can put in the wash) to use for touching things. (Knobs, handles --the *dishwasher door*), I am planning on the wrist blades for the faucet myself, but sometimes it just makes sense to put a barrier between your dirty hand and whatever.

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I had to smile at myself, palimpest. Paper towels crossed my mind too. The hand hygiene routine in nursing homes, hospitals,etc involves a lot of paper towels. Use one to turn off faucets. Another one to dry hands. Another one to open the door out the rest room. When you are at the door, where do you throw it, because often the trash can is on the far side from the door.
The paper towel dispensers are a problem unto themselves. If the paper towels don't hang down, you have to push the bar to release them, but that defeats the purpose ....because the bar probably isn't clean.
I am usually so NOT worried about germs, but there's nasties everywhere in (not) health (y) facilities.
Salmonella and chicken are a reality in the home kitchen.
I had not thought of it, but when DH had his spleen removed last year, I definitely got more figetty about germs.

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Idabean, they have the Trinsic on display at my local Home Depot.. Maybe yours does too and you can try it.

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Idabean, I tried the Trinsic ( and other similar ones) today, and I was able to turn it on and off and change the flow and temperature with my wrist. I have to admit I have very narrow wrists though!

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Hi Idabean, Maybe I missed something, but in reading this thread I keep wondering whether you have considered one of the "touchless" faucets or the Tapmaster foot pedal. We have Moen MotionSense at both cleanup and prep sinks. The water comes on as soon as I stick my sticky or chicken-y hands under the faucet. My DH is the one who pushed for the MotionSense (boys & their toys LOL) but I'm very happy with them too! I believe Kohler also makes a sensor faucet, and Delta has their Touch2-0 series which need just a tap of the wrist or forearm on the spout to activate. Here's a link to what I've got, FYI.

Here is a link that might be useful: Moen MotionSense Arbor

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Thanks, sjh....
I've narrowed down to Kate, Leland (prettier, I think), I'll look at Trinsic again, but I think I like curves. oh Addison
Now I'm wondering if I also want 'touch technology'
Well narrowing it down to 3 out of 3,000 isn't so bad a jobl.

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I first posted this q in a slightly different way and the foot-controlled faucet was recommended. I nixed it for a couple of reasons.
I originally nixed the touchless faucet b/c I thought my very conservative husband (I said once before he'd rather get his water from a well) would hate it.
But I've learned it has a manual feature, so he could just use that.
In just the last 20 minutes, I've been reconsidering and am going to look again at touchless faucets.

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Do the Moens have a magnet in the pulldown faucet? if so, is it effective?
Delta's 'magnet' technology ratings in its pulldowns has been good.

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I have the moen anabelle... I don't think it is "magnet" for the docking - but there is a weight on the hose under the sink and my faucet always stays "docked." (you can move the weight around the hose - the closer the weight is to the top, the "tighter" the docking. -also the shorter the hose pull out. I have the weight fairly low and I'm still happy with it. a loose faucet head would drive me nuts.)

I had dh install the faucet with the handle over the sink, not to the side. I love it. drips from hands etc go back into the sink, not on the counter. we did have to switch the hot and cold lines, cuz I couldn't get past the need to have hot to the left, cold on the right.

I often turn and adjust the water with my wrists.

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duplicate post deleted

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