Show me your spoonrest!

olivertwistkitchenSeptember 5, 2013

I thought maybe an inexpensive, easy choice would be a nice diversion for a change... For all of us.

My old one (which didn't match the new kitchen anyway) broke, so I threw it out.

Now I just grab a saucer when I'm cooking and use it as a spoonrest.

But with a big fancy new kitchen, shouldn't I upgrade? To something snazzy? That matches my or gorgeous green recycled backlash?

Like this?

Is a glass spoonrest a mistake?

Do you have one you love?

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I found a Pampered Chef spoon rest at an estate sale and really like it. You can see that it does not take up much space since it stands up. It took me a while to adapt to it but now it is the only one I use. The ceramic "dish" that holds the spoon is easy to wash. Also the wire part easily dismantles if it needs cleaning.

Sorry if the size is too big. This is the first time I have posted a pic. I used "Choose File" button.

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I am at my daughters house so I took a picture of her colorful "hecho en Mexico" spoonrest.

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I have a square glass dish that my DH brought me from Venice that I use as a spoon rest. I love it and he also got it because he felt it complemented our "snazzy" glass tile backsplash. I love the ones you show, where are they from?

Anyway, no issues with it being glass. It works great and looks pretty on the counter. Sorry, I don't think I have a picture. But it is a unique piece anyway.

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Olivertwist, I use small decorative plates, such as appetizer plates, for spoon rests, whatever strikes me as pretty when I'm out browsing the stores. This really works nicely for me. One's left out as decoration on the counter and as soon as used gets tossed in the dishwasher and replaced with another. Because they are plates, they multifunction: I can skim crud out of pots onto a dish already sitting right there, they'll hold the spoon and the wisk or soup skimmer, etc.

This one's out right now, though a brighter apple green than this conveys.

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Here's mine - have had it for years and can't for the life of me remember where I got it. Also ... another request for the source of that gorgeous glass, pretty please. :-)

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I just set my utensils right on the induction cooktop, no spoonrest. It's so easy to clean, it doesn't really need one. I love the ones you show, though. I think you should definitely get one to coordinate with that gorgeous green BS. Rosie's idea is good, too. Marshall's often has pretty little plates.

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The pics I posted are from a store on Etsy.

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It's the one on the left.

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Those are awesome glass pieces. Art glass is very sturdy. I have many hand blown timblers that I use for every day, and they go in the DW.

You could also use these for meze or dips.

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All of mine are packed right now (as is everything not "completely" necessary for daily use right now). But I do much as Rosie does. I have many "spoon rests". All were found in antique shops and are small plates or candy dishes or sometimes actually spoon rests. I am always washing one and pulling out another (sometimes I have two or three on the stove and counter at a time depending on what I am cooking) and it keeps me collecting something in my shopping excursions.

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linelle, I LOVE your spoonrest, and the kitties with them lol!!!

OP where are those glass rests from? They are gorgeous!

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I have lots of different spoon rest too. But my favorite is the one my son made me when he was in 3rd grade.

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Posted my daughter's spoon rest earlier, now here is mine:

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I pine for soapstone countertops, but I think they would be too dark with my cabinets. So, I use my soapstone sample as my spoon rest. At least I have soapstone somewhere, and nothing stains it. :)


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Fun thread oliver. I will have to check etsy - those are very nice and a variety of colors.

So many creative and 'original' spoon rests. Mine is nothing fancy. It is kind of an awkward shape for a spoon but it works. I was on the hunt for one and could barely find the one I have. They seem hard to come by in stores for some reason or at least that was my experience. I'll make a note to shop on line for one for my new kitchen.

Note: we are in a rental now so it does not match the ummm decor here. It did go pretty well in my old kitchen.

Although - heidi yours is priceless. Maybe I'll get my 8 year old to make me one! He'd love a project like that. :)

Rosie-what a fun and stylish way to multi-purpose. That is a very pretty plate!

Linelle-have to love the kitties.

badger-where did you get yours from? Love the colors!

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Autumn.4 I found my spoon rest at a local pottery studio. They have had spoon rests similar to tea4all's too. They have lots of nice and unique pieces in their store. I am not connected to the shop at all and they don't to actual internet sales but you can call an order from them directly. I have had them make personalized wedding bowls that the recepients just loved. I bought this lamp from them too.
I am linking their website just so you can see some of their items.

Here is a link that might be useful: pottery studio

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Thanks badger! And now I get your 'badgergal' name since I see you are in WI. :) Those wedding bowls are really cool - a great idea.

We have a local pottery studio right up the street - never thought of checking there too. Thanks for the link!


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