Replace my Toaster AND Microwave....???

tntwSeptember 23, 2012

both are on fritz...and I started wondering if there was an appliance that could replace both the toaster and microwave and possibly work as an overflow oven??

For Ideally I'd put it under counter in island...currently my toaster sits out and my microwave is in the pantry...

we mainly use microwave for defrosting, and quick reheating. We use toaster for [wait for it] toast and toaster streudel, melted sandwiches, etc.

I always I had room for a double oven but I do not. So it would be great to be able to cook side dishes in another oven. Or perhaps even not have to wait so long for my range to get to temp.

I don't want to spend more than $1k. Prefer under $500 but you can try to 'talk me into' something more.

I've read about the Breville Toaster Oven. I could get that and a small microwave.

Thanks for any ideas...

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We had the same issue--no room for a double oven, micro used only for occasional reheating, and the need for a second appliance to do it all. Have you looked into the Advantium speed ovens? Folks here seem to really like them, and from what I understand they really function as a workhorse second oven. Not sure whether you could rid yourself of the toaster with it, and the better 220 v model is a bit over 1k, but it may solve your micro/second oven needs. You could pair it with the Breville, also well regarded, but then your 1k budget is shot:) I'm sure the experts here will chime in, but my research lead me to the Advantium. If we had an island or some space other than over the range to put it, we would have sprung for one. Hth.

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The Breville oven actually does a pretty fast reheat. Most things reheat in 10 minutes, so I can wait. ;) We gave up the microwave 10 years ago and only miss it occasionally for reheating things like stir-fry. I don't like how microwaves defrost and we have an electric kettle for boiling water.

I'm not sure it can go undercounter because the top gets very hot. I know you're not supposed to enclose it in a cabinet.

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But will an Advantium make toast? I would look at some of the larger toaster ovens. I Googled and selected Macy's where I found toaster ovens up to $350.00.

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Sorry, I meant to say the Advantium 240 (not 220)! And no, I think you still need a toaster/toaster oven. The Breville alone could function as both a toaster and smallish second cooking device, and as may flowers notes, and does reheat pretty quickly (although not microwave quickly). We, too, are giving up the microwave altogether and using the toaster oven for warming up and cooking side dishes. Haven't missed the micro so far, but ymmv.

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Like you, I don't have room for an actual second oven and not so much counter space either so anything that sits out has to pass the "must be used every single day" test. I envy that you have enough space to put something under counter!

Currently I have a convection/microwave oven as my "second oven" but I don't know if you can put any of these combo types under a counter. The Advantium (I'd love one of the 240v that Rovo mentions) or other micro/convection combo would do the defrosting /reheating as well as the melted sandwiches that you mention, but regular toast? My combo oven won'tmake toast but maybe the Advantium will?? Sorry I dunno!

I also have a Cuisinart Gourmet Griddler that I use like a George Foreman Grill for toasted /melted sandwiches (also pancakes, waffles, and as a grill when it's nasty outside) but that sits in the pantry when not in use and a regular ol' Waring toaster sits out all the time (passes the "use every day" test!).

Samsung used to make a combo microwave/toaster oven with a drop-down door that I got to use in a different house. Switching between the toaster and micro settings was a pain and to boot it didn't toast very well at all. So in case you find one of these somewhere, I don't recommend it.


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I acquired a Breville toaster oven about 8 months ago. This week I've used it to bake the 1 potato we needed for dinner, bake an 8 x 8 pan of brownies, an 8 x 8 pan of cornbread, warmed up the hamburger buns, and, of course, made toast. I can put 2 chicken pot pies in there (we have the smaller oven) and any number of frozen food kinds of things. I've successfully roasted cauliflower, broccoli, and asparagus using the provided tray. I gotta say, this has been one of the most functional things we've put in the kitchen. If I had to choose between the Breville and the MW, I'd let the MW go first. I like it just fine, but I love the Breville.

Hint: if you decide to purchase a Breville, Macy's has them on sale around Christmas for a really good price. My friend got hers for around $100 after all the various discounts. I didn't do that well as I needed one sooner than the *best* sale (I think I went with Amazon), but I still consider it a great bargin.

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On the very rare occasions when I want to toast bread, I just broil it on the top rack of the oven. It can't be particularly efficient, but it works, and I try not to worry about the cost since it's so infrequent!

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I decided to get an Advantium when we remodel. From all the research I did, seems like the best bet with any speed oven, or convection/MW combo, is to get the one that best fits your needs plus a cheap $10 old fashion toaster for toast. We only make actual toast about 4 times a year for BLTs, so I think we will just stash our current toast oven in the basement for emergency use.

We aren't remodeling until May, so I can't comment on the Advantium from personal use. But I know A2gemini recently got one and seems to really like it. If you go that way, definitely go for the 240V, either built in oven or OTR model (biggest difference I have been able to discern is the OTR one is just small enough where a 9x13 pan won't rotate, but it's also much less expensive).

Check out the appliances forum, lots of good info about these devices over there.

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I did it with a 240V Advantium OTR that I mounted OTC. It does a great job at replacing a MW and toaster oven. It also serves as an extra smaller oven, warming oven and dough proofing box. It doesn't make toast (sliced bread) very well, but it does toast (reheating pizza) very well. You can make toast, but you have to flip the bread for even toasting. On the other hand if you're just toasting bagels or things that only need one side toasted, it works great. Fortunately for me, I don't often make toast, but I do often toast bagels, split rolls and croissants.

I believe none of the Advantium models are approved for undercounter installations, so that may rule them out for you. I think the Miele might be approved for that. There may be other models. You should probably check the documentation online for confirmation.

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We make toast often, and we MW often. I was going to have a MW and a toaster oven on my counter, so I looked into this question extensively last year to see if one could be eliminated. My research said no, there is no appliance that does both well. There are combo microwave/toaster ovens, but they all got terrible reviews as toasters. I ended up getting a small MW and it lives on the counter next to the toaster oven. We use both appliances every day, so this works best for us.

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We currently have a toaster oven ... top has stopped working so I have to flip right now. My hubby makes a toasted sandwich about every day for lunch and I make toast or bagels or toaster streudels for the kids a bunch. I think I could live without the mw but for reheating food quickly it's hard to beat. Hubby has leftovers with or instead of his melted sandwiches...LOL.

I was hoping there would be the miracle. product. Off to ponder...

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