Resined granite

jerzeegirlSeptember 27, 2012

We have begun our search for granite and have visited a number of granite yards. In most of the granite yards we visited, we noticed that a number of the slabs were resined. In the last granite yard we went to, the salesperson said that none of her slabs were resined. She said that resining was used to cover flaws in the granite and her stones are a "what you see is what you get" sort of thing.

Is resined granite inferior to non-resined?

I am looking at white granites and so I thought, perhaps mistakenly, that resining was the way to go, but now I am just more confused than ever!

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The public's demand for granite has quadrupled in the last 10 years. Stones that were formerly deemed too fragile to either transport or fabricate are now coming to market with mesh backing and resins to hold them together for their journey. Many of those stones are bears when it comes to cutting them, with some crumbling as soon as the stone cutter's tool touches them. Resining them has been the only way that they can be stabilized enough to be used. Most of these stones will make perfectly fine counters once they are in place in your kitchen unless you have a 450 lb defensive lineman climb up on top of them to change a light bulb in your kitchen fixture.

"The Public" also has some mistaken notions about granites all being perfectly smooth like glass. Most granite in fact is anything but. It contains small voids (pits) cracks (fissures) and rough crystals that will work their way out of the matrix once cut and polished. Resining a stone with those natural features does give it a smoother texture and satisfies those customers who believe that they must be looking at "seconds" to be looking at a stone that isn't perfectly smooth. It also aids somewhat in stain resistance, but doesn't absolve the stone from needing a penetrating sealer to keep it stain free.

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Thank you GreenDesigns for your detailed answer to my question. It sounds like resined granite would not be a problem so I can stop worrying about that!

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