Quartz countertops and support

chrissyb2411September 13, 2013

I know the first answer to this question will be ask the fabricator and I will, but I would like a little knowledge first.

We have the fabricator coming next Friday for LG quartz. We have a small island / peninsula that will have seating. The end of the peninsula is an open top bookcase. The countertop will overhang the bookcase edge about 12", then about 12" on the other side for seating, with the rail at the back edge of the bookcase and the 3/8 inch back panel being the only support. Not sure if I explained that well, here's the picure. Do I need support anywhere?

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I am a fabricator.

Rule of thumb is max. 12" unsupported cantilever so theoretically you're ok.

However, I've seen 2 instances in 13 years where a chunk of overhang was broken off; once by a teenager hopping up to sit on the counter and the second when two 24 packs of beer were dropped onto a counter.

so - I always recommend modest corbels (like 6 " horizontal) or buried rodding.

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Thanks oldryder. So the bookcase area should be fine, but consider supports for the 12" overhang? I found the lg quartz fabricator guide online, and it says their quartz can go to 14" without support. I'm not opposed to some hidden supports though.

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