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aloha2009September 30, 2013

Hopefully I'm just not using the correct search terms to find the sink I assumed must be out there, since there are sooooo many sinks on the market.

I absolutely want a single large (or extra large) sink bowl with the drain hole on the LEFT side.

I found it only in a stainless steel sink and I'd really like to have it in silgranite for numerous reasons. The one I found Franke & Houzer (never heard of Houzer before) though weren't a perfect rectangle but odd shape. I'd be conceding on 2 things this way. I'd prefer a shallower bowl then what's out there but I was ready to concede to that too, just to have the Silgranite, single bowl in a darker color. I just keep having to concede on what I wanted in a sink. It's hard to believe when there a lot of sinks out there.

There is a possibility that I can have the drain on the right which would put the trash pull out on the left NEXT to the DW. Someone liked having their trash there but I think, I would prefer on the opposite side of the sink cabinet so I can stand in the middle, scrape dirty dishes, rinse (old habits die hard) and place in the DW.

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Manufactures respond to market trends.
How popular is your "want," in the general scheme of the market.
Have you ask if your sink can be "specially" formed and poured, and the cost of?

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Many of the apron sinks are reversible and therefore drain can be on either side. Don't know if you are amenable to apron front sink, though.

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Snoonyb, obviously what I want isn't popular, or everyone just has to suck up what is available. I haven't asked about a custom one, I'm afraid to ask the price...sinks are expensive enough.

I actually like the farmhouse SS steel sinks but I prefer the the silgranite.

I was hoping someone had seen something out there closer to what I wanted.

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Sometimes you can reverse them. When I needed a double bowl that was small on the left and large on the right and all I could find was the opposite I found that you could just turn it around and it worked. Not all of them are reversible but some are. Not sure if this is appropriate answer for a single bowl but maybe. Silgranite was one of the models that was capable of being reversed.

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Is it possible that a center drain toward the back would work? We have a 30" Blanco single bowl (Precis?). Our DW is on the right, and the attachment for the DW drain takes up space in the right side of the cabinet, but it looks like there would be room for a pullout on the left side. In your case, the available space would be on the right if your DW is to the left.

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I wanted the drain on the side for the following reasons

1. The drain could be kept open for prepping, rinsing, etc. while the opposite side held soaking pans, dirty dishes to be rinsed, etc. With the center drain a cookie sheet, etc could cover up the drain in part or totally.

2. By having the drain, garbage disposal and DW, suder vent, and DW connections on the one side, it should free up the opposite for 2 containers. 1 for the trash and the other recylcing. If it was in the middle, I wouldn't anticipate being able to get both containers in the one side. I could be wrong though. Even so, we'd still have the issue with the first reasoning to have the side drain.

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I have been looking for the same thing. I have wondered if flipping this sink around and just drilling the faucet in to the counter might work.

Here is a link that might be useful: super single

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I was thinking the same thing too BUT, I would anticipate having to cut off the entire top side so the sink can be pulled more forward when it's upside down per se. It's frustrating because the Blanco sink with the drain in the back middle has no lip to be concerned about.

I've resigned myself with the drain on the right, which ultimately will make using the trash pull out easier when prepping then on the right. I'll have my DW, pull out on the left side of the sink, drain on the right and about 52" of prepping area. I'll have full access to the sink while prepping w/o having to stumble over the trash pull out if it were on the right side of the sink, or if the trash pull out was under my prepping area. I think I'll love this set up.

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I was searching for a similar sink with a left rear drain. I ended up ordering a custom sink through Ours is 29X17 and 10 inches deep undermount. It was not cheap but it was less expensive than some of the higher end sinks I was looking at. We are very happy with it so far (Its been in about a month). I know you did not want stainless but if you want that left hand drain it is an option.

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I don't know how I missed this post when I was searching before, but your conundrum is so similar to mine (posted today). But I DO want SS - so what is this Franke & Houzer of which you speak? Maybe it's the Orca? That's a bit small for me and I agree with you - oddly shaped.

Your post made me laugh because I think we're trying to achieve the opposite: I want to stand to the side of my trash/recycling, then DW, then eat-in area. I want the kids clearing the table to be able to scrape/load without needing to get to the sink (except for the hand washing). I'm going to look at the custom fabricators, because I also don't want it too deep. Good luck - I'll be following your adventures!

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Here's one that is 16 gauge, 31" x 19.5", with a far left rear drain, and the rounded bottom (not zero radius). It's a bit pricey but seems to be great. You'd have to use a grid in the bottom as others have recommended and loved.

16 Gauge Left Rear Drain
â¢Exterior Sink Length - Side to Side: 31 Inches
â¢Exterior Sink Width - Front to Back: 19.5 Inches
â¢Overall Sink Depth - Top to Bottom: 10 Inches

Here is a link that might be useful: Julien left rear drain 16 gauge SS sink

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If you're interested in an apron front stainless sink, you should look at a Porcher sink. We installed one in our new kitchen and we're very happy with it. You can find it online for a little more than half the price listed on the Porcher website. It's much less expensive than the Julien.

It's 16 gauge, right rear corner drain and very versatile for mounting (under, flush or over the counter. We installed the 30", but it's also available in 24" and 36".


Here is a link that might be useful: Porcher 30

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smiling! - thanks so much. Where has this sink been? I swear I scoured all the product web sites - I guess that's one role of this forum - more options. It's almost perfect - aside from price! - but the grids might make up for some of that depth.

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