Can I get your help w/my new construction layout? So confused!

stephpiSeptember 14, 2012

Hi~~I have received help with our whole house floor plan on the building board, and I thought I could do the kitchen myself just by reading others posts, but I really could use a little help. Here is a little info:

We are a family of are 15,13 &10.

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, make lots of things from scratch.

The kitchen window needs to be decided soon..I am thinking of taking it out...light won't be a factor since there is lots of light in the dining and great room. I think we need more uppers?

We already removed the pass-thru window into the porch and put uppers. Didn't think it would look right.

The great room is to the right and the screen porch is to the left of the dining.

The island can change position, it doesn't seem like it fits? I also was trying to avoid the sink being in the island, but maybe its the best place?

We are going to have a beautiful wooden oven hood, maybe that should be the focal point in the window spot?

Thanks for any help!

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Just thinking...

One of the challenges your kitchen poses is around 8 more years of teenagers. No matter where you locate the ref and the micro, the teens will invade that space in search of fluids and stuff they heat up in the micro. I'm guessing snack materials will be stored in the pantry.

Roughly, I think I'd switch the use of the walls as shown. I'm not sure but I might move the ref to the interior corner of the cleanup wall. This attempts to keep teens corralled on the cleanup wall by providing them with complete access to micro, ref, dishes and pantry without their being in your cooking aisle.

There is another thing about refs that applies if the ref is on the outside wall, but not on the inside wall and located near the pantry. The wall for the pantry is longer than the body of the ref if the ref is on the outside wall - so it needs some cabinet between it and the pantry. If the ref is on the inside wall, it will fit just fine up against the edge of the pantry entrance without the dreaded utility cabinets.

The other reason I'd move the ref after thinking about it is to restore wall ovens in about the same place that the ref is drawn. Thinking about myself only, I might use undercounter ovens and bigger windows.

No matter what, I'd cut the counter in front of the passthrough window. It would just make the reach longer - I'd move the door a little and make a not real deep counter outside instead. The little box outside of the window is for positioning only. I'd really consider a doublehung instead of a sliding window. The usable opening becomes very small.

I would not take the windows out of the kitchen. It has to do with how the kitchen would feel. The drawing might be confusing because it has uppers AND the windows thinking it would be either/or but not both.

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Thanks so much...some very good points! I like how you think about the teens. :-) For some reason, I just feel like there isn't a whole lot of cabinet space, which makes me question keeping the windows. So much to think about.

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