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jyokoeSeptember 27, 2012

Hello GW,

I would love your feedback on the proposed kitchen layout. At this point I cannot make changes to structure or locations of major appliances. I am looking to make best use of space with the cabinet layout. We need to order cabinets very soon and this is the best I've been able to come up with but am running into some issues.

Background on us:

My family - me, DH and 2 boys (almost 4 yr old and 1 yr old)

I usually cook most weekdays and DH cooks on weekends. Occasional baking.

Infrequent entertaining - and when we do it's informal. But there may be lots of play dates in future so definitely need something kid friendly.

Some items that may not be obvious from photos:

Finished sizes as follows:

The back wall of kitchen in 192" (16 ft)

The wall next to fridge is 64" (5 ft 4 in)

The wall next to pantry is 48" (4 ft)

The kitchen side of peninsula is 108" (9 ft)

The family room side of peninsula is 84" (7 ft). This will be our only eating area.

Backside of peninsula will be three 27" cabs. 12" overhang for seating.

I am open to any and all feedback on layout (without moving plumbing or gas line or walls) but would especially love feedback on the following issues:

Peninsula layout (left to right) on attached plan is :

18" base

30" stove

12" drawer stack

30" 2 drawer

18" prep sink base

I want to use the 2 drawer base for my everyday pots n pans so I made the drawer stack 12". But KD is saying 12" drawer stack is pretty useless. If you have 12" drawer stack, what do you store there? My plan was to store knives, cooking utensils, pot holders, some kitchen gadgets, towels, possibly junk drawer. Is this unrealistic? If so, what size do you recommend I make this.

KD and GC suggested 18" but that only leaves 24" for 2 drawer - Not sure if that will be enough. In current kitchen, my pots n pans are stacked and stuffed into a 18" cabinet. But I'd like it a little more organized and hope to not stack as many pots/pans together.

Wall layout on attached plan is:

Wall (left to right):

3 3/4 filler

36" FD fridge

27" 2 drawer base

36" sink base

24" 3 drawer base

36" pantry

KD tried to align uppers to lowers. Cabinets will be going to the ceiling (108") So upper cabs will be 54".

Instead of wasting 3 3/4 for filler - I was considering putting a 6" pull-out there. KD says it won't be accessible - I understand it won't be accessible from wall side but why not from fridge side? I am awaiting her response to it but thought I'd ask here too.

Also, what is usable space on 6" filler - what do you store there?

Is it worth getting this or should I just get a filler?

If I make that a 6" filler - there is only a 24" space btwn fridge and sink. My thought was to have MW on upper cabinet and Toaster Oven on the counter. KD says this will put MW shelf too close to sink and we likely could bump our head on it while turning away from sink. Your thoughts?

One idea I had is to have a appliance garage like space in that area to house MW in upper cab and Toaster Oven on counter. I like the idea of having it behind doors but yet easily accessible. Both MW and toaster oven, we use everyday so want it easily accessible. The toaster oven, BTW, is almost as big as the MW oven. (Don't ask why - DH wanted it that way).

But concern with this setup is that it will box in the sink with counter space only one side.

The drawers under the MW cabinet will be kid food zone - their plastic dishes/utensils and snacks they can help themselves too.

I don't want to do under counter MW because I feel it's harder to access. No MW drawer due to cost. Besides, probably not good location with young kids - don't want them playing with it - too tempting when it's right at their level.

The other option is to move the MW and toaster oven in between sink and pantry (48" counter space). I don't like this so much because 1) I wanted them near the fridge since chances are food from fridge is going into them. 2) I want to keep dishes in the Upper cab there since it's right above DW and if I put MW there - it cuts into that space and also makes it harder to reach.

I don't want to keep both on counter because I need space for dish rack there.

I'd consider putting dishes/glasses in the drawer next to DW but that's only 24" - I don't know if that will enough for dishes. Also, DH doesn't like the idea of dishes/glasses in drawer.

Thanks for reading my long post. :-) Looking forward to reading the responses!

Here are the photos:

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You have a 16 foot outside back wall that needs to house sink and range.Above range you can do microwave that vents out or a range hood. I would put the range down toward the left as it's out of much of the traffic-the sink over to the right wherever you deem it.The pantry closet is removed. the entire 16 feet is cooking/sink/counters. The fridge goes over to the right side of peninsula/island..the side of it butted up practically against that bath wall.yes-probably a french door fridge/yes-built in panels or build a cubby with studs for this. There is still plenty of usable peninsula space extending out from fridge side. Skip the small sink. Storage drawers under peninsula and some added storage in laundry [which is in a great location to function as some pantry storage for you] will make up for the pantry removal on the long wall. The 16 foot wall has to be dedicated to sink/range functions and it will work nicely with high ceilings and your taller cabs-but you are creating a large budget for cabinets with 54 inches of height. I would consider only a bit of it going that tall...and maybe even just 42 in with molding,and a chunk of the day to day cabs at 36in high. 30 in tall cabs are standard and are plenty for most people in most kitchens.Granted-with fridge and pantry off that wall the aesthetics change-but in a good way because that is your sightline from dining area. don't rule out some open shelves as well.

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Herbflavor - I can't make changes to locations of major appliances now. All the plumbing and gas are in place already. Besides DH wants range on island so we can look out into family room as we cook.

Also, are you suggesting putting the fridge basically where the stove is now? Then we would be looking at back of fridge from family room. We just tore down the wall between the family room and kitchen so we can have an open plan - so don't want to cover the opening with fridge cabinet.

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no-the back of fridge wouldn't show: panels around a cubby/or the back of the cubby can have shallow display cabinetry facing dining area- a 33-36 in wide fridge would have cut off off 25-30% of the 16 ft run...not a biggie for the gain of range on that back wall with adequate venting.

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