Guidance on handle/pull placement - pls

mirucaSeptember 9, 2013

Wondering if there are guidleines on vertical pull placement - specifically, looking at two below options; also on corner swing out doors. We have shaker style cabinets, as do these two examples

First question - guidance on veritical pull placement
Example #1 - mounting hole is 3" from bottom of inside cabinet, the pull bottom edge is about 1 1/2 from bottom of cabinet front.

Example #2 - this is Happs - it appears the pull bottom edge is aligned with the inner edge of the front cabinet frame.

Second Question - this is breezygirl's horizontal pull on a corner cabinet - are vertical pulls also used on these cabinets?

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I did number 2.
Love what breezy did as well.

On the lowers-check out Badgergal's pull placement on the drawers.

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I love what Brexzy did too - and was certain we would do the same until I held out pull up to our cabinets. I was quite surprised, and somewhat disapppinted, that ours looked better vertical!

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Good morning!

I like your option #2 for your vertical uppers.

As for my cabs, all my pulls are horizontal. And, except for knobs on my dish hutch, I only used pulls.

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hi breezy,
quick question:
how wide are your drawers on each side of the range in your photo above? I'm asking about the 3 lowest, widest drawers. I like you have have split the top row into two narrower drawers They look like 6/6/6/12 height wise? How are you liking that configuration.
sorry, that was more than one question!

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We did vertical pulls on the cabinets and horizontal on the drawers. Our corner pull is placed vertically as well.

I'm at work and don't have a picture, but our pulls did not look good horizontally. I wish they had...I really liked breezy's horizontal placement .

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Seems like #2 is getting the response - I like the symmetry of it but it also seems just that much higher for a shortie. # 2 is also the shorter of the pulls (about 6" vs 8").

Breezy ... I covet the placement of your pulls! All horizontal just didn't look the best on these - similar to rkb21's comment. In our case, it is likely because the pulls have a slight curve to them.

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