Elkay Square Sink or Kraus smaller Rectangular Sink

CT_NewbieSeptember 9, 2013

Just wondering if anyone has any feed back on square vs. rectangular sinks for the island and in particular Elkay vs. Kraus. We were thinking of the 17.5"x17.5" SS Elkay but heard good things about Kraus. The Kraus is smaller. I think it is 18x15 inches. I think my island is at least 38" wide if not 42". It's about 106" long

By the way, the KD said 18" was the largest we could go. I am assuming she meant overall size, is that the way sinks are usually measured?

Thank you!

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Just bumping this up. Any one have thoughts on the the Elklay brand and the square sink for my rectangular island? Also, what about the mixing and matching of materials for the sink? I will have stainless steel appliances showing

Thank you!

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I had a square sink in my island (6x9') and it worked great for prep. It was 10" deep too, and I really liked that. Regarding the difference between an Elkay and a Kraus, I can't say except that I ordered a Dawn 16" SS square (16 gauge) which cost me $148 and I literally never even thought about what brand I had in the years after install. I have friends who spent $900 for their island sink which didn't look remarkably different, and I never felt regret about my decision. I also don't think you will notice a difference in the SS color between your brand of SS dishwasher and your Elkay SS island sink. Most of the time, the color difference is negligible.

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firsthouse_mp, are you happy with the Dawn sink? THey have a product that intrigues me but I don't know about the brand. Thank you.

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Totally worked fine, but was just an island sink. I never even thought about it after install. To be honest, I was surprised how much I pained over every detail and then within a few months, all those questions and deliberations seemed to just fade. I was happy with just about all my decisions and that $650 Blanco sink I considered didn't even have a fleeting thought.....here is the Dawn brand which worked just great!

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It looks nice! Funny, it almost seems slightly wider than long (vs. square) but I guess it is just the camera angle. I really like the countertop and hardware too. Mind if I ask what stone you went with and where you got the hardware and what model it was?

i know what you mean about agonizing over details. It's especially hard for me because we're going to a much bigger kitchen that we'll have to grow into so I wanted some flexibility in the design (meaning shelves/rollouts I can adjust down the road since I don't yet know all of what is going in it.) I do now have a better appreciation for drawers. And yet at the same time, I feel like I made the decision for the Rohl's farm sink without doing much research. Let's hope my gut there was correct. It's also hard because DH and I have to agree and there are a number of choices that seem good. I really think a black sink that would blend into the Absolute Black honed granite on the island would look best and be more dramatic. An actual granite sink felt too heavy and would require additional time/money and I worried that if anything broke, it would be hard to replace it vs. an undermount

I will google Dawn too. The Elklay isn't inexpensive. I think it was $300-$400.

Thank you!

Thank you!

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The counter is White Princess and the faucet is a Santec Penza. We did a whole house remodel, so my budget had to spread over 6 BRs and 4BAs (and the exterior), so finding things that were saving me money ended up being a requirement because so many things ended up costing so much more (like the foundation which no one ever sees!). I had to find 100 ways to not spend "just a little more".....this was a no brainer for me. Saving $500 on an island sink was an easy one to give in on.

I happen to like seeing SS sinks in AB because it gives the eye some rest from all that black. However it would be a bit more "dramatic".

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Thanks firsthouse! I meant where did you get the handles and what brand. Well, you are doing a very nice job! the kitchen looks very upscale

We're doing a lot of reno at once too but even with that I have a few projects that are just on hold until I go back to work - landscaping, finishing the attic or more of the basement.

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