Q about steam oven plumbing

eleenaSeptember 22, 2012

X-posted from Appliances due to lack of response. :-)

I know this would sound stupid but I am still going to ask in hopes that the answer can give me some flexibility with the layout of my currently extremely inefficient kitchen.

If I have a water line where the fridge used to be, do I HAVE to have a drain? Why can't I use, say, a hidden bottle and drain into it? I doubt that there is so much liquid coming out after one hour of steam-assisted baking that a good size bottle wouldn't hold.

That, of course, means that I will - always - empty the bottle in a timely fashion!

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Circus Peanut

Eleena, I suspect that this will violate building code and you won't find a plumber/installer willing to do it?

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an indirect drain is better than no drain at all. Anything that routes it back to a hole you have welded into your sink's side (side = sink wall). This assumes you have a stainless steel sink, that you take to a welder so he (or she) can weld a hole into it. The hole is a brass connector to copper pipe. It would be possible for sink water to travel upwards but it would drain out too. Nothing written here is about the optimal situation for drain plumbing, or about the code-respecting situation. Your local code and your exceptions that may be allowed to you are beyond the scope of an internet forum.

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It looks like my question was confusing, sorry.

I did not mean no drain for the sink, just the steam oven itself. I am pretty sure there are no codes for that, just the manufacturer requirements. I know they say it has to be plumbed but I am getting a floor model and the warranty isn't that great to worry about it.

Or did I misunderstand what you said?

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Any water outlet that will have waste requires a drain under all plumbing codes. There isn't a plumber out there that will not follow that code, or not follow the manufacturer's directions, as those are incorporated into the codes.

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Circus Peanut

Alas, yes, Eleena, I was talking about the steam oven drain. I just don't think it's legal to squeak by without it; too much danger of inadvertent flooding and insurance hassles. Home insurance companies frown on anything that requires homeowner maintenance without a failsafe.

Try providing your layout for the forum experts here to help you think of another solution?

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Thank you!

Sorry about my ignorance.

I will provide a layout as soon as I get to install the software and learn enough. I think that using DW drawers (discussed on my other recent thread) may help with the layout problem. :-)

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if you have a sink or dishwasher on the same wall, you can have the steam oven route into that drain. basically, the steam oven needs a gravity drain, so mount the oven it a little higher than your dishwasher or sink, then it can drain downwards and to the side, into the other's drain. I am doing it this way. good luck!

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You should definitely do a "real drain." My oven sits above the counter, off set about 20 inches from the sink. The tubing snakes behind the trash cabinet and then connects to the drain under the sink.

My code inspector had LOTS of questions about the oven and the drain. Although my contractor installed the oven consistent with the maufacturer's directions, the inspector asked for an additional backflow protector. Maybe yours won't be as picky, but keep in mind this could be a pain point for the inspector and your contractor. Besides, it's probably worth the money to do it correctly now.

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Please review the installation with the plumber *before* you buy. You need to drain as others have said. You also need to vent and have a shut-off valve for the water. My drain is almost 12ft away but I am doing it same as Michoumonster.. It is a gravity drain.. The tubing from Gagg allows this. My shut-off valve is in the cabinet above. Search appliance forum for pics from Plllog.


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