durability of Ikea cabinets

nosoccermomSeptember 27, 2012

Revisiting the question of IKEA cabinet finish durability, specifically the white cabinets that are painted with poly paint (Applad, Lidingo?) and the thermafoil (Adel). My contractor advised against Applad because "the finish cracks within two years and turns yellow, especially near the stove." He recommends Adel as the most durable finish.

Any feedback/experience from those with Ikea cabs?

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My Lidingo cabinets have only been in for 4 years, but they still look new. No discoloring, dings, cracking or peeling (well, except for the faint saw line on one of the door fronts where I cut it in 1/2 - but thats's another story...)

I'm into processing/canning garden stuff and cook from scratch daily, as well as having dogs, cats and a clumsy husband, so the cabinets are holding up very well.

I love my Ikea kitchen!

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We have had our Adel cabinets installed for about a year and a half now and LOVE them. So easy to keep clean and no issues with discoloration. We have 3 kids (3, 5, and 12 years old) so they take a beating for sure. Ikea has a 25 year warranty and we did a lot of research before deciding to go with them. From Beveled Arabesque Backsplash install

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Slush1422, Thank you for letting me know that your Ikea Adel Cabinets in the off-white Thermofoil are holding up so well. I need to find someone to help me put them together as that is one of my choices as I love the shade of off-white and the style of the doors and drawers as well as the cost. My problems is I do not have anyone handy in my life to help me and I have to remove a soffit in my kitchen that I am 99% sure has nothing underneath as all the 2 bedroom townhouses have no soffits and only the 3-bedroom townhouses have soffits as a design feature when these townhouses were built about 20 years ago. None of the townhouses are allowed outside venting so there is no ductwork in the soffits. My range hood is recirculating. If you lived near me, I would hire your husband and his friend to do my kitchen.

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Dawn-t, thanks for letting us know that your cabinets are holding up well. Any pictures?

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Anybody has Applad cabinets? I like Adel but my first choice is the painted finish because I would like to go with bright white appliances because the kitchen is so tiny.

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go to ikeafans.com.....tons of questions/answers/pics/comments/etc. maybe someone on there in your area knows an experienced individual to actually help you out. Our nearby Ikea store gives out business cards of some local guys who are assembling and installing Ikea.
Check your nearest Ikea if they have a few names.You can get a great kitchen!

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I used Ikea cabinets to use as a bench in my previous kitchen (the white beadboard style). They are very durable. So durable that we now are using the old bench in our garage whereas everything else from our old kitchen went in the dumpster.

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I installed Adele cabinets in my townhouse about six years ago - sorry, I don't have a photo handy right now. But I definitely loved them!! It was a very small kitchen, and I used stainless appliances, and a tan speckled granite (can't remember the name). They were very easy to keep clean - the thermofoil softens the edges of the shaker trim, so that it's easier to wipe off any drips that land there. I sold my townhouse last year, but I'm sure they're still looking great! I did get a lot of suggestions from ikeafans.com

And I can relate - I bought my town home when I was single, and it was my first taste of DIY. I had a soffit to remove, but fortunately had a couple friends help. I assembled the cabinets, then hired a carpenter to install the boxes, and then I installed the doors and drawers. Oh, and I did have a few pipes in the soffit -but had a plumber and electrician move them. Hopefully you won't have to, but it would most likely be manageable if you do.

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