Anyone have a Gagganeau or Miele teppan yaki module?

absobSeptember 14, 2013

I have been drooling over the flexibility of the integrated modules from Wolf, Miele and Gagganeau. I have not seen many reviews on these. Need some hep deciding what to do.

Renovating new kitchen. Have finally decided on 36" induction for cooktop. Was originally drooling over Wolf steamer module next to induction, along with set of double ovens. I cook a lot of pasta, thought the idea of having large steamer for making/keeping warm lots of pasta would be helpful if have company. As well as making rice, since I can never get it right on stove top. As well as throwing in some veggies and salmon together and making a super quick easy healthy dinner on the fly, as I saw in a YouTube video.

BUT then... I started investigating ovens and became aware of the newer convection steam ovens from Wolf and Miele and fell in love with this as my second oven. So now going with one single convection and one steam convection. Still not set on brands yet...opinions welcome.

I feel with the steam convection, having the steamer module would be overkill. SO then....started drooling over the teppan yaki modules. As one of worries with the induction, is the difficulty of having a large double griddle on it. I really love the idea of having a large griddle easily available. We make pancakes a lot. Also imagine I could nicely sear chicken or steak on the teppan Naki module. I could easily make grilled cheeses for kiddies and steak n cheese for hubby.

BUT can't seem to find anyone in real world or online who has used one and finds it as helpful as imagine. ALSO, when I went to showroom...salesman completely talked me out of teppan yaki. Making it seem like they are hard to maintain (turn black) and cleanup and messy when cooking. He was saying a double griddle pan on top of the induction is easier and neater. But I am not a big fan of cleaning large pans. Would rather wipe down a teppan yaki module than have a large griddle pan next to sink waiting to be cleaned or taking up half my dishwasher. According to him, seems like I'm better off spending my money on another dishwasher instead of teppan yaki griddle.

But unless the induction has a bridge, which Wolf and Miele do not, then a double griddle just doesn't seem that easy to use on top of induction. I'm still thinking a teppan yaki module next to my induction would solve all my problems and be fun to use. Am I dreaming?

Any advice on Gagganeau, Miele or Wolf cooking modules would be helpful :)

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I believe a2gemini has a teppan yaki. Hopefully she'll see this, but you might look for her posts.

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I would try posting this question on the Appliances Forum.

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