Cabinets with crown molding at vaulted ceiling? Anyone have?

sherrizSeptember 22, 2010

We are having a vaulted ceiling in our kitchen. I want to have my upper cabinets touch the ceiling by putting a false front on top of the uppers and then have the crown molding at the top where the false front meets the slant of the ceiling.

Has anyone done this? If so how, and can you post pictures? Thanks!

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Hi Sherriz,
I am sorry.
I am so confused by what you are saying. I do not know
what a false front is. I skipped by this post because I
have limited knowledge on cabinet design. I am sure
someone else on GW will chime in. I was hoping someone
would post so I could post later more specifically
what you might be looking for. Why don't you do a search
on false fronts. That might help you with the specifics
on how to do this.

For now, I can post some images of vaulted ceilings. Maybe
this can help you. At least you can have an image you
can draw on. A mock up with photoshop.


This is Smarge's kitchen from GW. Maybe you can do a search
on FKB or even her link and ask her how she did this
amazing space.

This is the picture I think of when you say a false front
but I am certain someone else can provide better help.
Zebra Wood Counters

Noah Falls

Home Experts Inc.

Merged Shapes My Ideas Blog

Westchester Kitchens by Jem Woodworking

Woodwise Country Craft

Tea Room

Maybe this is what you mean by a false front. A soffit?

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Here is how we handled our vaulted ceiling and the molding trim on top of the cabinets. This was a remodel and the architect left the soffit and I don't think we ever heard why. But it's a great place for the recessed lighting and makes a natural transition line from the cabinets to the vault.

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These are amazing pictures. thank you both.

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boxerpups, do you happen to have a link to smarge's finished kitchen? I tried to find it on the FKB or by searching GW and I am just not having any luck. Thanks for sharing that picture!

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The image was from a GW post about windows in the kitchen.
Here are a few links from her. If you go to her web page,
clippings etc.. there is a way to e-mail her.

She is not on FKB. I am sorry I thought she was. But maybe
she is under a different name or a last name.
Hope this all helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Help long time GW'ers locate kitchen w/hood between windows

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Wow! Thank you so much boxerpups! I have vaulted ceilings and beams just like smarge's (except painted a dark brown by a previous owner) and it's great to see them in such a beautiful kitchen.

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You are very welcome.

Sherriz I hope these helped. I can find more if you need me


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Hi, smarge here!

FYI, my crown doesn't quite touch my ceiling; it's about an inch from touching, but that is not obvious when you are standing on the floor. There is just a touch of a shadow.

Frankly, the biggest difficulty in having the stove on that wall rather than on the wall with the peak was running the duct work up the entire peak and down the back of the peak. We have a roof-mounted vent motor and wanted it to be installed on the back of the house rather than the front, for obvious aesthetic reasons. The HVAC guy was not a happy camper having to deal with all that, but it worked out well in the end.

I'm not sure how else I could be of help.

Sorry I'm not in the finished kitchens area. I'll have to look into how to do that one of these days! I owe a LOT of the way my kitchen turned out (especially appliance choices!) to helpful GWers!

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Here's a picture showing a close-up of the area where it appears our crown goes to the ceiling.

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Hi Sheriz and other helpful posters!

I am a new poster, frequent reader on the site--But what did you end up doing about your vaulted ceiling and upper cabinets?

I have also been wondering how a "false front" would look--that is if you looked at the side of the uppers, they would have an additional "wedge" that connected them to the sloped angle of the ceiling.

We are planning a "horse-shoe shaped" kitchen so the uppers have to turn a corner. Also there are 4 french windows on the middle wall that would have to coordinate with the height of the upper cabinets. If we did the "false front" as described earlier, the cabinets on either side of the windows would be higher or I would have to eliminate them.

I hate the space between ceiling and uppers--what is "awkard?"

See elevation drawings--

More pictures of upper cabinets with sloped ceilings?
New thoughts?


PS Should I make a new thread?

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