Goldilocks had it easy. What do you think of these choices?

marti8aSeptember 28, 2012

Dh wants the floor done. Now. I kind of wanted to wait until the granite was in so I could see how it changed the room.

But here are mockups of my choices so far.

This is my actual granite:

At first we were going to go with a wood floor, found some that matched ours really well. But we've had second thoughts - thoughts of water damage. This is wood floor, no particular name, with my granite, and a light travertine BS

This is a light rectified tile floor from Arizona Tile, with light Travertine BS. I'm hesitant about it because of cleaning, especially grout though maybe it won't be an issue with epoxy grout.

This is a darker tile dh found at Floors and Decor. I don't know if he really likes the color or the price. I think it's too dark.

This was my first choice, a Golden Tan. Dh thinks it's too yellow. I put a Travertine with it in a Champagne color.

I know it's hard to tell in a mockup, but do any of these floor choices appeal to you, or turn you away?

The more I look at them, the more I like the wood floor. The brown tile dh picked is very close to the wood we found and I wondered if we could use it under the washer, dishwasher, refrigerator and water heater, with water alarms where it didn't really show, and use the wood on the rest.

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I'm sorry if I missed this, but have you had water problems in the kitchen in the past? We've had maple in our kitchen for 22 years and never had a problem ( now watch-the dishwasher will leak tonight -I better stay up) I like the wood best with your choices.

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It could be my monitor, but both of the lighter tiles look very wrong to me. The darker tile is best of the three tiles, but still not great. I think the wood floor looks really great in your space! Have you had previous water leaks to cause concern?

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Yes, our water is really hard and seems to eat the insides out of appliances. We're on our 3rd water heater, 3rd dishwasher, and 2nd washer in the 15 years we've been here. We've come home to water spewing out of various appliances a couple of times. That door on the back wall is the water heater closet.

Our current water heater has lasted longer than any of the others, and I told dh the other day we should probably replace it now just because we're probably living on borrowed time with it. The washer and dishwasher are fairly new. And I really hope to be out of here before they go.

Maybe after speaking ill of the water heater, I should stay up all night too. I'm almost there now anyway.

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I like the wood, plus it is better for your back and knees.
I do worry about water leakage, not because of past water issues but because I know it can happen. Get what you like, do your best to protect against leaks; waterpan in water heater closet, aquastop in DW, etc....
And why haven't you gotten a whole house water softener yet? If it is because of taste, just bypass it on the cold water line to your kitchen tap(and/or fridge but if your water is that hard you better not have in fridge water or ice). When we installed ours it was an amazing difference- no spotting, no more DW lines stopped up with mineral gunk.

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I like the wood so much better than the tile options. Around here on GW there are some very nice tile floors that really look like wood, if you want to play it safe with the water leakage issue. Last spring there was a thread about preventing appliance leaks, and Floodstop was suggested. Never used it myself, but it looks like a great idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: Floodstop

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You could get a dishwasher with a built in water softener. It would probably be worth the price as it would last longer than a dw without one. I know that Miele makes one (the Miele dw also turns itself in the event of a possible leak).

Alternatively, I imagine that the F&P dw drawer wouldn't leak because there is no vertical opening.

I like the wood floor.

I'll link an example.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele dw with Double WaterProof System

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Sophie Wheeler

Wood. No travertine. New water heater. Water softener.

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I like the look of the wood best too. I haven't checked with a pro to see if there is any problem running it across new addition and old slab. We were told there would probably be cracking there and with tile to run a transition strip right there.

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The wood will probably be quieter, too. Any chance you can use the granite for the backsplash? :)

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And something to brighten the whole thing up.
Beautiful, extremely neutral colors, but at least in the mock-ups, no visual interest.

OTOH, maybe to correct myself, the actual photo of your granite is astonishingly beautiful. Does it sparkle in the light?

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I wouldn't say the granite sparkles, but it has a lot more gold in the light than it appears in the photo.

No granite on the backsplash, LL. I just don't want to the edge of 3cm sticking out on the side. I did find some Kashmir Gold tile online, but I'd be afraid to order it sight unseen as there could be a big difference in color. So much Kashmir Gold has a lot more gray in it.

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