Paint color to go with my green counters and floor

Monica8September 16, 2011

My kitchen was remodeled in 2000 and is in need of an update. Unfortunately, the only thing I can afford to do right now is paint and replace the gold knobs on the cabinets with silver. I have natural red oak cabinets, with lots of very dark green (NOT hunter green, more pine green) countertops and that same dark green (and a little white) marble laminate flooring. I have white tile backsplash, appliances, and sink as well as white trim around windows and baseboard. I have a BIG peninsula that seats 7 comfortably with black leather back stools. Right now I have a very subtle peach on the walls, but want to bring it more up to date with a different color. (wish I could afford to update counters and floor, but not in budget). I was thinking brown walls, but am afraid it would be too dark and maybe clash with cabinets? My other fear is that I don't want to pick a color that would make it look like I've regressed it back into the 80's with the green combo. I could use some good suggestions as to what color paint would look great. I found some black framed pictures of Italian pasta and cheeses that I would like to incorporate with some wonderful colors in it of the sage green, golds, tans, rusts and eggplant colors. Mostly the paint would be on the soffits above the cabinets and the one wall with the back staircase. The laminate flooring and countertops are both in great condition, I am just tired of all the green. I am hoping a new color on the walls will help me through a few more years of the overload of green! This has proven to be quite the challenge for me and I can use some input! Thanks in advance!

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Post some pics so we can see what you're dealing with. In the mean time, what about considering a strong gold? It will work well with the green and white you have happening and it looks great with most woods. Hold off on getting rid of the brass, unless you really hate it. It's making a comeback, and keeping it will save you some money. I'd investigate some local sales for a flooring replacement as my first choice of redo. You can get new laminate for around $2 per square foot, and it's an easy DIY thing for you to accomplish. I think the green counters sound nice, but green floors and counters sounds a bit too much matchy matchy happening. Floors in a nice medium to darker wood tone can really make a huge difference.

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since the wall area is small-soffitt and one other wall, you could up the impact factor and go with a terra cotta or
barn red..maybe even a pomegranate type red. Red is a great's a complement to green and a good stronger red might mute or balance all the green that tires you. It's only paint-nothing to lose.

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I would love to post a picture. How do I do that?

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Picture posting instructions are in the "New to Kitchen Forum, Read Me" thread that usually floats around on the first or second page of this forum.

In a nut shell, you put the pics on Photobucket (or similar free service) then transfer the HTML code (cut and paste it from the "share your image" box on PB ) to your post here. It will look like code in the text, but pic will appear in the preview. Try to make sure the pics aren't huge files, and don't put it in tons of images as this slows the page download speed significantly for those with bandwidth issues.

A secoond way is to link to your images by using the URL of the PB page in the optional link box below every post. Add a name in the lower box. (Put the URL in the top box as in: http:// etc., etc. Then give it a name in the box below such as: pictures of green kitchen.) This is less satifactory in my view because it requires a reader to click away from the KF thread itself to view the image. I think it limits the responses, but it is more appropriate when you're offering up a lot of pictures - especially big ones - all at once.



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I'd need to see a photo but it sounds like a soft yellow would work if you want to play it safe.
Crazy as it may sound, you could also try a pale lavender. Our first house's kitchen had seafoam counters in perfect condition with washed oak cabs, so we painted lavender over the dull beige walls and it perked everything up. It is an unexpected kitchen color and we got many compliments on it. Our new kitchen has the same color walls, but with white, black and gray this time. It is a more versatile color than you'd think....

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Here is a link to a couple of pictures of my kitchen plus a picture of the pictures I will hang as soon as I figure out what color to paint the walls. The wood stools have all been replaced by black leather stools with backs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen pictures

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Hope this visual will help you in helping me choose a paint color that will go with the green counters and floor without making the kitchen too dark or to 80's looking.

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The colors to accent are right there in your prints. The tomato red. The mustard gold. The black. Since this is a budget redo, find some more prints in that color and theme and hang them right over the white tile backsplash to tone down it's starkness. Possibly paint the window frame black, and use red valance across the top. Red towels and accessories with the gold paint on the walls, and it looks almost new!

And, I was right about the green counters and floors. One would be great, but both are overwhelming. So, area rugs, maybe? Something in the heavy cream of the print matting with red or yellow accents. But, definitely check out the clearance sections for new laminate flooring. You can reuse the padding, and it's an easy DIYable fix. Or, tile is also a cheap fix if you DIY. If you're feeling adventurous, you can try the new Rustoleoum countertop paint, or just paint those laminate countertops and then poly them. It's a short term fix, and only for those who plan to replace the counters sooner rather than later, but it's cheap and you can experiment with color that you might like for more permanent counters. If you want to makeover the cabinets themselves, there is always gel staining them darker or painting them lighter. Lots of choices if you're willing to get your hands dirty!

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How about Ben Moore Wet Concrete or Farrow and Ball Brassica (you could have that color matched in a more convenient brand, if necessary. The texture would be different, but the color could be close.)?

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R U happy with your dishwasher? I could see a stainless update there as worth it...the wall by the stairs could take a nice vertical stripe wallpaper with colors you have in mind-that would move the eyes around the space a little more. And the hutch at the base of the stairs could be a fun thing to paint or glaze or do one finish on the carcass and do something with the doors..easy...the floor and counter are fine-I like that enuf so I'd leave it be-but nickel or pewter hardware along with a showy faucet would be on my TO DO list I think. Your kitchen seems workable for a good end result without a lot of toil!

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I am really drawn to the eggplant.

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I hated hated hated the tiled floor in my kitchen for years and lived with it. The colour, pattern - everything. Including the cracks in the tile
then one day I discovered 'peel and stick' tiles.
They had nice patterns (I chose a stone look) and were really inexpensive
I measured and bought and laid them in the kitchen, hallway & powder room over the hated tile and was so impressed with the different look and feel they gave the space for the really low price
I heartily recommend them as in interim measure

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I know you said you're tired of the green, but if you're really tired of this particular combination which you feel dates your kitchen -- have you considered using a light to medium leafy green with some yellow in it? The combination of the two greens with the white and wood could create a fresh and updated feel. Just a thought.

I would also consider painting the wood portion of the window in white to erase the contrast between the wood frame with the white moulding; or else painting both the wood frame and the moulding around it in your new paint color.

If you're going to replace the cabinet hardware you might consider using pulls rather than knobs on the cabinets. You could use the existing hole for one end of the pull and just drill another hole. You'd need to stick with knobs on the drawers, though, unless you went with cup pulls. We just replaced all of our knobs with pulls in a mini-kitchen refresh (new paint, pulls and sink/faucet) and I am delighted with the pulls. They add some visual interest and we find them such an improvement from a functional standpoint -- easy to grab from any angle.

Another finish to consider for the hardware is oil rubbed bronze or black, either of which would be nice with your barstools.

Good luck. Lucky you to have counters and tile in such great shape and a peninsula with lots of seating.

I'll attach a photo of a leafy green kitchen that's kind of what I had in mind. The paint color might not be quite right, but you get the idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: yellow-green kitchen

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I agree with lazydaisy, a green would be nice, a contrasting color will make your green counters and warm hued cabinets pop even more. A gold with green undertones or a yellow green would look good and tie it all together.

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I think yellow would be terrific and really pull your room out of the green doldrums.

If you decide to go the yellow route, you may want to consider Benjamin Moore's Hawthorne yellow. It's in the Historical Collection--those colors tend to be safe--and I know Hawthorne Yellow is the go-to yellow for many designers. It's soft and warm, without being too lemony-sunny-bright, or too mustardy gold.

I personally just painted a room Ben Moore's Soleil. I love it, but it's not quite as toned down as the Hawthorne.

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I, too, have the same green floor and countertops. Although my countertops are slighly lighter. I also have the red oak cabinets. I am so tired of the green and the red oak, but both are in great condition. I do not have any time to invest to redo or the money presently to replace. My walls are a light pale yellow and look really good w/ the green though. I originally went w/ cafe pics with the same colors of pics that you chose. But I am considering trying a vintage look. I have a red oak table chairs, china cabinet, and small wall table. Again, I do not have the time to sand, paint or restain. So, I too, am looking for some quick updates not involoving lots of time. But, give the yellow a try.

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i really like the eggplant but think it'd be too dark. the tomato red would do the trick especially since there isn't a lot of wall space to make it too much.

a splash of it on the counter top along with a yellow green something or 2 on it would also break up the green. a canister or 2? if can't find in tomato red, get a used one and paint it.

love your prints! putting them on the white tile would be good (use a tile drill bit - or sticky ups). keep your eye open for something similar for the stair wall (other wall space?)

also, I do think changing the floor would make a world of difference too. they have floor tiles now that you don't have to stick down or grout. They go together tongue and groove like laminate does. They've used them at least twice now on hgtv (once in a kitchen, once in a bathroom). They'd go down easy and great for DIY.

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I would:
1. paint the stained window trim white to match the res of the window.
2. Find a top treatment or make one in which the main accent color of the fabric is the tomato red color... trying to find a fabric with the other colors that are in your prints (really cool-- like the prints). I see a fabric with the background color being a lighter tone than the mats on your print (same color- just lighter); with the sage green in the word "tortellini" in your prints; the buttery-white color of the onions; the tomato red, and other colors found in the print would work also (as long as you pick-up on those colors).
3. I would put the flour canisters away since they really don't go with anything in your kitchen and add some tomato red accents on your counter.
4. I would paint the walls an off-white with a lot of yellow tone to it. Or maybe take your "tortellini" print in to paint store, have them color match the mat, and then add the colorant at about 25% of that formula to avoid a matchy look, yet still have it coordinate.

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I agree about painting the stained window trim white, however, I absolutely think going with red would be a mistake unless you are looking to celebrate Christmas all year. Red has also been very popular for the last few years so will add to the dated factor.

Since a few people like the eggplant color, why not go with a very pale version of it for the walls? If you go with either nickel or chrome for hardware, then I'd get canisters in either metal to coordinate. You can either spray paint or replace the hinges to match.

The ivy on top of the cabinet dates it all, IMHO.

I still also like the light yellow idea for the walls.

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I think the idea of yellow might be just perfect.
Here is a picture of green with yellow.

My favorite yellows...

Goldfinch Ralph Lauren Paints

Babouche Farrow and Ball paints

Glowing Apricot Benjamin Moore

moonlight by Benjamin Moore

Cheasepeak yellow Ralph Lauren

Moutarde on the walls and Gustave Grey both by
Ellen Kennon paints

Stone House Benjamin Moore

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Pale Orchid

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For $250, these will let your change the counter color. Each $250 kit is supposed to cover about 25 linear feet of 24" deep counters.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rustoleum counter top recoloring kits.

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I like the idea of a soft yellow. I also agree that pulls would look good on your cabinets. One other thing that would really update your kitchen is a new faucet.

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I have almost the same counters and still have wallpaper -- that I still like but will update to paint. The nopapered areas are a yellow that reads green to light mustard , like some of boxerpups' pics.
I think of the fruit and vegetable approach. 3 different paths-- 1) mustardy, reds, greens-- more traditional colors; purple(eggplant), greens, golds- either the Tuscany or the Mardi Gras look!); or lighter citrusy colors- fresher acidic greens and yellows and lighter cantaloupe accents than harvest colors. In each of these the yellow can be the wall color but a different shade takes you to the final scheme. Maybe look at some new inexpensive prints and see what inspires you and look at paint chips.

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Take a look at Philadelphia Cream by Benjamin Moore. It appears pale yellow in bright light and a more toned down cream in artificial light. It's an awesome color and still neutral.

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