Ticor sinks from Galaxy Tool Supply

lindy1096September 26, 2012

I looked at their site tonight for the first time and every sink I clicked on is backordered! Is that normal for this place?

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No, that is not normal. They do have backorders sometimes, but this is excessive based on my experience with them. I bet they are waiting one a big shipment. Try sorting the sinks by availability. Which sink are you interested in ?

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This happened to me in August! I called and they gave me a time frame (2 weeks) and I was able to get it then. I checked other places on line that had them and they were back ordered too. I will say they are awesome sinks and I can't wait until they are installed. Galaxy got it here really quick!

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I ordered our Ticor through Galaxy as well, and am happy with the quality of the sink and my experience with Galaxy. If you can wait, then its worth it.

Not sure I would do ss sink over again if I had a choice, but not because its a poor quality sink, its great quality, just miss my old sink :/

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This is what I experienced 1 1/2 years ago while I was gearing up for my reno. When I was fishing around, stuff was available, so I didn't bother buying. When I finally committed to a design and lined up a contractor to start almost three months out, I went to make my purchases. The sink I wanted became backordered. For two months everything I was interested in was backordered. It forced me to look at alternatives. MRDirect was one alternative that seemed comparable. They seem to have some good feedback here on GW, so you might want to check them.

I ended up with a Kraus, which I'm very happy with. You should take a look at them too. There was a recent thread about SS gauge that contained useful information about sinks that are UPC/IAPMO certified. While Ticor and MRDirect are not listed, I was glad to see that Kraus is.

Here is a link that might be useful: what gauge stainless steel sink?

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I recently bought a Ticor sink from them and the grid was back ordered. I still don't have it.

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So I just called them and the sinks I was looking at will be available Friday so I should get it next week. We bought one sink so far from Costco - Elkay SS undermount but I don't love it. I am looking at the Ticor 1210 (I think). Anyone have it? Like it?

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I bought at the beginning of may and no problems. But, this may be the kicker, we ordered through them on ebay. I can't remember what their name is exactly. You'll have to search. It something like galaxytoolsupplyinc. It wasn't just galaxytoolsupply. That would be too easy. I also got 25 bux off by doing so. See if they have any on there. They have to have the product if they are selling it on ebay.

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you can also buy ticor at overstock.com if galaxy is backordered. i don't know if they have the particular model you want, but they do have a lot of ticor sinks. I got my ticor apron front there. the only downside is overstock did not sell the accessories that I wanted, but then I decided i could live without it.. HTH!

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I bought my sink there about 8 years ago. I thought I loved it. My daughter got a ss sink and it seems to be shinier. Anyone notice that?

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