Want to help me pick my little chunk of calacutta marble?!

homebuyer23September 2, 2013

I will have a small, 24" x 53" island/work table, coffee stained cherry wood. I will have a large U shaped perimeter with gray silestone counters and dove white beaded inset cabinets.

I have decided to go for this calacutta vagli marble on the island, honed. I'm in love with it!

I'm supposed to choose between the 2 sections they taped off. I'm not sure exactly why they taped where they did, but I'm pretty happy with the options from what I can see, I'm going to look at it in person this week.

Just curious which part you like? I think I know what I will choose, but would love opinions, my DH said he'd choose the opposite of what I'm thinking...

A or B?

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I love A. It's bold and stands out! B is kind of plain.

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Another vote for A. The combination sounds great!

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A. I like the little dark area in the middle on the left. But B is lovely, too, and preferable if you need something quieter.

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definitely A!

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A...but I want to scoot it over ever so slightly to the left to capture the rest of that thick veining

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For me, it probably would be B because the scale of the pattern seems more in scale with the finished island. Also, because I prefer a more quiet pattern.
However, the perspective seems off as the B piece is quite a bit smaller than A.

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Nosoccermom, that's a good point, it is a small island, wonder if the bold piece will look odd? I hadn't thought of that.

I was definitely leaning toward A for the interest but my DH said B almost right away, it got me wondering.

Thanks for the opinions so far!

Yes I wish I could skooch A to the left a little and B to the right a little.
Perhaps I can, I'll ask when I go in person.
Not sure why A looks longer than B but it totally does. If its too long I'd ask to eliminate some of the plain side and if B is too short, I'd get more of the veining if we have to make it bigger so that's good.

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I think they are both pretty - if you go back - can you snag a picture profiling B for comparison - I do like the idea of moving A over a bit if possible.

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A is more visually appealing to my eye however depending on the other elements in the kitchen B may work better in your space. I am in the camp that thinks bold veining is more attractive however I also believe quieter marbles definitely have a place and are attractive in their own right. If A is going to be the star of the show that is the piece I would choose.

Looking at the entire piece I believe A is taped off where it is in order to avoid what looks to be a chip in the upper right corner and B is taped of where it is because that corner is all usable space. Thus preserving the most possible space on the marble for other pieces. It can never hurt to ask if they will move the boxes in order to make you happy!

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A...but scooted over to include that thick portion of veining on the top left just on the other side of the tape. I'd scoot it over a foot or more.

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I like B the best, since I like a quiet marble and don't particularly care for the clumpy splotch on the left side of A. I could admire it in someone else's kitchen but I'd pick B to live with every day myself.

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