How big is your prep sink?

brittuSeptember 18, 2010

I need to pick our island prep sink so I can finalize the size of the cabinet under it. Many of the prep sinks we'll be looking at are 15" x 15". That seemed pretty darn big when we went to look at it in person. Our main sink will be a Kohler Stages 33 so that's really the one we'll be using for most prep tasks. The island sink is more for handwashing, island clean up, etc.

Could I live with a 12" x 10" by 5.5"? Anyone have a sink that small?

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I don't think a sink with any dimension less than 12" will be very useful for much more than a bar sink...i.e., getting a drink of water or using it as an ice bucket (filling with ice and putting drinks in it).

Our sink is 15-3/4" x 15-3/4" and I sometimes wish it were more like 18" x 18"...but I've never wished it were smaller!

If you plan to use the island for any prepping, I think you'll find you will use that sink a lot more than you realize. So, rather than go with a small sink, get one that you know you can also prep at. Oh, and do yourself a favor, if you plan to have a garbage disposal, put one on both sinks! Something I let my DH talk me out of for the Prep Sink! "His" sink, the Cleanup Sink has one; but "my" sink, the Prep Sink doesn't...and I really wish it did!

Do yourself a favor, get the 15" x 15"!

Here's mine:

Note that once it's installed, it doesn't really look that it is in the "big picture"

(It's in the lower right corner where the seating peninsula is.)

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buehl is spot on about the prep sink size. I think it would be constantly annoying to have one that's not quite big enough. Make sure your colander can fit in it!

We got a large single bowl for our prep sink that measures 20 3/4" by 18" and 7 1/2" deep. I listened to GW and got a garbage disposal too, and I have not regretted it! I also got a sink grid for it since it helps to lay my fruits and veggies on for rinsing.

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I got a 13" x 14" sink thinking that was big enough. I taped it out on my old counters and "used" it. Now I wish I got an even bigger sink! (I'm taking notes for my next kitchen (20 years from now))

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I looked at smaller ones but got a 15x15 (think it specs at 15-3/4). I was afraid it would be too big -- mainly that I would give up too much counter space. I am very glad it is not any smaller. Doing it again, I would start at 15x15 nad decide if I had space to do something a little larger like doonie's.

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My prep sink will be by the stove, so I want it big enough to drain hot pasta. Better there than over the dirty dishes!

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I have a friend who has a sink that size, which is also mostly for hand washing, filling vases, etc. It's at the edge of the work area so that people can use it without getting in the cooks' ways.

My own sink is a 16" bowl with an equal sized trough. I love it. The trough is toward the work area, and is only about 6" wide, and a couple inches deep there. It's very useful!

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I too wanted a smaller sink so as not to take over my island but I ended up with a 18 inch round shaw sink. I really wanted the round so I could access it from either end without being on the "wrong" side. But anyway they only made the 18 inch. And i saw it at my KD showroom and it looked small to be honest.

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My KD pointed out that it depends on who's using the sink. My hands are on the small side, but my DH has far bigger hands and a small sink that works for me feels cramped to him.

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Ironically, while I obsess about the size of (prep and clean-up) sinks, most of your prep sinks are bigger than my (current) one and only "everything" sink (13"w x 16," which I DETEST!) It definitely gives me much needed perspective on a new sink size!

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