Unhappy with Blanco Silgranite sink, replacing it

hapyfrustratedSeptember 16, 2012

I've had the Blanco Silgranite in black, it's an open design, no dividers. I absolutely hate this sink, no matter what I use to clean it, it never looks clean. It also keeps a white haze, I am able to buff it out with mineral oil, but that only lasts about 2 days. I want to take it out, which really upsets me because I paid over $300 for it. I can't decide what type of material I want in a sink. This sink is 5 years old, is there anything new on the market?


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I'd bet you're blaming the symptom, and not the problem. There are probably dissolved minerals in your water and you need a water treatment system. Any sink you replace will have a buildup issue until you fix the root of the problem.

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I am so sorry you are frustrated with your sink. I have to agree with GreenDesigns though. We have only slightly hard water, and our previous stainless sink always looked dingy and water-spotted. I love our Blanco Silgranite sink in anthracite. It does not show water spots the way the stainless did. It also never shows a haze. If your water is really hard, and you don't wish to add a water softener to your incoming water supply, perhaps you could try enamelled cast iron sink in white. I think you will still be bothered by a haze of the minerals from the water, but it won't show much against the white enamel. Enamelled cast iron in white will sometimes show black marks from pots, but you may find that easier to live with.

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I, hated mine until we put in a water softer. alway looked dirty,. Now the haze is gone. We have real hard water. I, was about to rip mine out. Like others said check the reason for the haze.

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If the only thing you don't like about the sink is the haze that shows up against the black surface, replacing it with a white Silgranit has the advantage that it will definitely and exactly fit the existing cutout. That's going to be an issue for any other sinks you choose.

There are other good reasons to put in a water softener -- lengthens the life and increases the performance of showers, clothes washer, and dishwasher. It also makes for cleaner, more thorough rinsing of hair and body. That film is on you as well as the sink, though it doesn't show up the same way.

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I think that would bug me too. I wouldn't like to have to "oil" my sink on top of all the other new chores I have with the new stuff. I now must squeegee the shower totally even the walls and floor and wipe down the chrome fixtures too~ wipe out the washer completely and empty the dispenser of water and then leave the door open and once a month run a "clean wash" cycle. Ok, moving on, I have to be sure to use special products on the new counters, the SS fridge, something about the new toilet I'm supposed to do and the new natural stone tile has it's whole list of do's and don't's etc.. I had no idea how much things had changed before our minor remodel, lol. It's not that it's hard for me to do it's just that I never used to have to bother remembering to do these new things. I used to just scrub and go and everything looked great...

I have to say a good ole cast iron is what I got this time after having a Corian sink for many years. I really like it, it's white but they come in black. Perhaps you could just get the white Silgranite as suggested so you wouldn't have to change your cut out area, that would save a lot of hassle for sure. Good luck!

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Have you tried the special cleaner the Blanco makes? We have the cafe brown - so far no haze - and I have not tried (or purchased) the Blanco cleaner - but thinking of getting it as a precaution.

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