Pics of uba tuba granite with white cabinets please!

chloe.chloeSeptember 12, 2013

I'm having a bit of concern over the uba tuba granite we chose for our new construction. I'm worried it will be too green and look horrible with the white subway tile backsplash. We were trying to stick to our budget and that is the only reason we chose it....I really wanted the black pearl but our builder had it listed as a level 3, which was substantially more money than we wanted to spend. I was hoping some of you have pics of uba tuba granite with your white cabinets... Thanks!!

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In a former kitchen, I used honed Absolute Black (similar in price to Uba Tuba) and it looked great, not unlike soapstone. I considered honed Uba Tuba for my last renovation; very beautiful. Neither one looked green at all, and white subway tiles looked good with them. This time I ended up going with Azul Platino for a lighter look on the perimeter cabinets (also lower price end) and White Veneto Marble on the island. Sorry, no pictures of my former kitchen.

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Of course everything depends on which slab you select. I happen to think the deep green color of the Uba Tuba provides a depth that simple black granite doesn't have. White subway tile will work with either the Uba Tuba or the Absolut Black.

Having said that, my sister selected the polished Uba Tuba and never stopped complaining about having to clean finger prints and smears on the surface until she sold the home.

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I would go look at the slab of Uba Tuba you would be getting. Some of the Uba Tuba slabs have more gold in them and some have the green. We were given counters of Uba Tuba but needed more. I went to many stone yards with a piece to match to and saw anywhere from a small amount of gold to a lot of green.

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Wow! Where do you guys live that Black Pearl is a Level 3? It is a level 1, same as Uba Tuba. Absolute Black is a Level 2 or 3 depending on the shipment. That's here in Atlanta.
Anyhow, go to the stone yard and pick out your slab. Some Uba Tubas are very green, but mostly they appear black. Against white cabinets and white backsplash, the green will be more visible, but it looks great with white. Bring your door, backsplash, and if you have it a piece of your floor. Put they all up against your slab and you will get a pretty clear picture of how they will look. Those photos are great!

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