What do you think about the island placement?

robinleSeptember 13, 2013

The perimeter cabinets are in and the island cabinets should be in Monday. Now I am wondering about the placement of the island. Any suggestions as to where we should have it in the kitchen? Should we turn it? Should the island top be curved or rounded on the ends? Any suggestions on the island would be greatly appreciated. I am planning on having a 15" overhang on three sides.

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Not a layout expert:
- I think it looks great.
- could you make the island a bit longer so you can add a prep sink?


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Thank you huango Unfortunately it is to late to add a prep sink to the island. We do have a water line behind the cabinet next to the banquette. But I think it is to close to the seating. Thank you again.

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The direction of the island looks appropriate and your spacing looks good. Not sure why you'd want the 15" overhang on more than one side though.

Will you have electric in the island? If you use small appliances and need outlets, I don't think you're going to want to have to reach under the island to plug something in. I'm sure you already know that you'll need some way to support the counter top overhang.

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I love my island with seating on two sides and made the corner between them a 15" radius. The other "short end" radius is about 4" and the end with drawers has 1.5" radiuses.

I have plugmold under the overhang on the short end, and an outlet to the left of the seating area on the long side in the toe kick box. I also have it on the other short side, the one without seating, barely hidden under the granite overhang, for using appliances.
Where is your seating - will it reduce the wonderful 48" aisles you have?

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Thank you for your responses. I thought the box looked long that the back panel is in so I decided to open it. The panel is 8' long so this will change our plan. It probably could be cut, but I am not sure how that would look and work out. Our other choice will be to get another cabinet to fill in. This means we will have to order it and wait 2 to 3 weeks to get it. I really liked the pictures you posted. I think if it will fit in the space we will have an 8' island with seating on one side and the overhang only where people sit.
beverly27-I wanted an overhang on three sides only because I saw one that way and liked it a lot. We were planning on having support under it but no electric on the island. Thank you for your help your pictures were helpful.

kksmama-I was planning on the seating being on two sides. I figured it as one person could sit at the short end in the more of a walkway area and three could sit on the long side next to the banquette. The cabinet doors would face the cooktop. Since the panel is 8' long we will have to change it. I will only be able to have the overhang where people are sitting. Otherwise it will be too long. Thank you for your help.

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Beverly27 mentioned bracing for the granite overhang. If you don't want to use legs or corbels, they make a steel 1/8" thick x whatever is required for your overhang. It goes under the granite, on top of the cabinets and extends out (again depending on how far the OH is). It can't be seen unless you bend over and look. What it does do is keep you from knocking knees with corbels or stubbing toes with table legs. It has the same strength if not more than either of the above. It gives the place a cleaner, less cluttered look. Great for modern or even mid century kitchens.

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RoRo67 Thank you for your help I am going to show the GC what you told me about using the steel as support. I like this idea.
We worked on placement of the cabinets yesterday. One problem is our walls are on a diagonal in the kitchen and the walls are straight in the family room. We took a wall down to make it all open. If the island cabinets line up with the floor the island is not straight with the wall. And if the island cabinets are straight with the wall it looks like the island is not straight. We used the herringbone pattern. Does anyone have a suggestion. Would you line it up with the tile or with the wall? We were thinking about having some curves in the island counter to draw your eye up. Any suggestions on shape of the counter also? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The granite for the island does have movement in it.

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