Is this stove and fridge arrangement OK?

deborah1950September 28, 2013

The only place to put stove and fridge in my daughter's kitchen is next to each other. That is how it was set up when she bought the house. When her new appliances were delivered, the men asked her if she was sure she wanted them next to each other, because that wasn't good. She would have to do a rip-out, bump out and remodel which is out of the question, especially since she just had new counter and floor installed. We knew this wasn't ideal, but didn't see any options with the size and cabinet layout. Any input? Thanks.

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I don't understand. If a remodel is out of the question...and the only location for the appliances is the current location.....what input are you seeking? Can you post a picture, or drawing of the layout? Is the concern function, aesthetics, or safety?

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Is there a "landing" space next to each - someplace to put things down, like veggies removed from the fridge, and hot pots from the stove? If there is, while it may not be ideal, it's fine. If its a concern about heat next to the fridge, I don't think that's a problem at all the way today's appliances are insulated.

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Do you have a layout/picture of what it will "look like"?

If there are no other options, does it matter what we think/say? I'm not trying to be difficult, I'm trying to understand what you're really asking for...

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Thanks. I was concerned about the heat. I know it is not ideal, but to change it would be out of their budget. I am also thinking about how it would drive me nuts to not have a landing place. However, this is their first house after living in a small condo with 2 children for years. She is excited to get in a house finally! Thanks again for the input.

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I've seen that arrangement before and never thought it was a good idea, but hey, you work with what you've got. For heat purposes, it seems to be fine. Someday your daughter will have something better and she can be thrilled all over again.

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I've seen that even in more expensive homes. That's because most builders don't post their kitchen layouts on GW first ; )

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Thanks gardenwebbers! It is so nice to get feedback from you all!

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