Under-cabinet lighting- dimmable?

olivertwistkitchenSeptember 4, 2013

Kitchen almost done, and the UCL (LED tape) looks nice.
However, I just realized that it isn't dimmable like we had specified in our contract. But it looks fine, and I can't see how having it be dimmable would be useful.

How hard would it be to have them fix this now?
Should I bother?
Is there a cost difference? If we paid for dimmable and didn't get dimmable, should I ask for money back?

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The Lighting Division has a dimmer that installs in line on the low voltage side, about 1in high or less so often fits under cabinet-really inexpensive. Should work with any system but I haven't tried it with other brands as I now use Hafele which has their own dimming switch.

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My UCL are not dimmable and I like them that way. I know other people think that having them dim is important. It is something I have never understood.

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My lighting designer wanted me to use dimmable UCL but I honestly couldn't understand why dimmable UCL would be useful in our kitchen, so we didn't get it and I don't regret it at all. The instances I could see it being useful is if you wanted mood lighting in your kitchen or if your kitchen is a night time pass-through where you might want a soft nightlight of sorts. My cabinet maker told me that's why he used dimmable in his kitchen.

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I have friends who definitely said they dim their UCL, so I wanted mine dimmable as well.

Is the LED tape you used dimmable?

We used the Armacost LED tape from Home Depot. We could have either went with the Armacost dimmer, or used a dimmable power supply with a wall dimmer. Since I wanted to use a rocker dimmer (Diva), we went with the dimmable power supply (about $70). I bought a Diva dimmer approved by Armacost, but have not yet installed it!! So I cannot speak to how it works yet, but it's been tested by Armacost so should be ok.

Good luck!

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I went out of my way and bought dimmable, direct-wire UCL, and a special ELV dimmer to control them. However, I never bothered to install the dimmer! Have never felt the need.

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Should I ask for money back, though? Or let it go.

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Personally, I would at least ask about it. It was more expensive to go the dimmable route, at least for what we did.

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Dimmable LV LED's are very nice, especially at night.

If you paid for but didn't get them yes, ask for money back.
Or ask for switch out to dimmable. Your call.

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We have the LED tape, and if yours is like ours, they are: a) very bright, and b) can create a serious of dots down the counter when they are at full force. You only see that at particular angles, but we have a dimmer on them in our kitchen and pretty much leave them at a 3/4 level all the time. (We also have them in our wet bar, and prefer those up more b/c we have a black galaxy counter and expresso glazed cherry cabinets in there.)

I would still go for the dimmer and not ask for just your money back, but we are dimmer people. We don't have really a light in the house that doesn't have a dimmer, so we probably aren't typical!

That said, if you specified dimmable, then your inclination was to want it, so that would be what I would say to follow.

From what I understand, if you bought and installed dimmer capable LED tape lighting, it is just the switch that needs to be a dimmer switch? It would be different if the actual LED tape is not dimmer capable, I believe. But I'm not an electrician so don't quote me on that. :-)

Best of luck - hope it works out for you!

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I have Dimmable LEDs under counter but LED tape inside a couple of uppers and in the skylight as uplighting. We have dimmers on both and really like the feature. It is nice to have a it on low late at night when overnight guests are visiting and may be trying to get a glass of wat at night. A lot of times when we are hanging out as family after dinner, we prefer low lighting.

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Like some other respondents, I have dimmable UCL, I but pretty much never dim it. I got dimmable because so many people here liked it. Unless you really think you'll use it, see if there is a difference in price, and if so it should be an adjustment.

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I have UCL lights that dim and I do use it all of the time. When I am working in the kitchen - they are on full blast, but when I just want a bit of ambience, I dim them down.
I also use them like GWlolo and have them on low level at night.

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So, really, you need to decide if you want the dimming feature. If you don't, then there should be a price adjustment because the dimming mechanisms (switch or special power supply or even special led tape) that are missing cost more than non-dimmable. You have paid for dimmable, you didn't get it.

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Wall dimmers are pricey- in line often are not. The one I mentioned is about $20- for Hafele tape the dimmer is $40 list same as a standard touch switch.

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