Martha Stewart kitchen cabinets

0kitchen0September 26, 2012

Has anyone else had the nightmare of dealing with MasterBrand cabinest, the company that makes the Martha Stewartline of cabinets for Home Depot? We ordered 39 cabinets and we are still waiting for the entire order some 4 months later. They shipped defective cabinest which actually ahd MasterBrands internal defect slipes taped on them!!! Their freight lines lost several cabinets even on the replacement order!!! We received some cabinets which had been speared by a forklift. MasterBrand customer service is simply awful-they don't care about the customer at all. The cabinets in the store look great but what is shipped is pure junk for the most part --- some of the doors were tiger striped where they missed the stain. We are going to have to have the installed section of cabinets ripped out and replace with some other brand that MasterCraft does not manufacture. Home Depot has been great through this ordeal, but even they are throwing in the towel on this disaster and advising we switch to a diferent vendor -- sad thing is that Home Depot will have to eat $17k in cabinets due to a bad supplier.

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Believe me they will not eat 17K in cabinets and the unfortunate lesson in all of this is "buyer beware" which is why I preach not to buy products of this nature at HD, Lowes or any box type store.

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Yes, I've had the nightmare of dealing with MasterBrand cabinets. I bought defective Omega cabinets in 2008. They started to chip and disintegrate. Now they're decrepit.

Two warranty reps both tried to bully me out of exercising my warranty rights. They blamed my housekeeping, my sponges, my dogs and my "lifestyle" for the cabinet failures.

I believe that there are many, many more MasterBrand cabinet failures than MasterBrand knows about because the warranty reps appear to be incentivized to bully consumers out of getting their crappy cabinets fixed.

I'm looking for other people to post pictures and their MasterBrand warranty experiences so that we can band together. There is power in numbers, including the threat of a class action lawsuit.

You can learn more about my cabinets, and join MasterBrand 911, using the links I will post below.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Omega Kitchen Cabinets are Deterioriating

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Please consider posting your pictues and story at MasterBrand 911

Here is a link that might be useful: MasterBrand 911 Cabinet Reviews, Opinions and Complaints

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I purchased and installed Martha Stewart cabinets a little over 2 years ago. They are already coming apart. I wasted 10k of money I don't have.

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gladd2help, well apparently you are not happy with you cabinets as you dug up two old posts and posted the same comments on each. Did you contact the manufacturer?

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Holly- Kay

Wow! The cabinets look terrible. I just don't think anyone should have to deal with that!

I am so glad that HD took care of the issue and I agree that there is no way that HD is eating this cost. I would suspect that if this is the norm for MasterBrand they won't last as a vendor for HD. In my business I always take care of the end user even if the vendor doesn't step up to the plate on a warranty.

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