Is this normal for quartz and granite purchase

robinleSeptember 24, 2013

We are getting perimeter counters out of quartz and the island top out of granite. I was able to get 1 1/2 slabs for the quartz and the granite is coming from a remnant ( the bottom part of a slab). They came and took the measurements for the template. I asked if we could go when they put it on the granite to see where they are going to cut it and was told no. The island top is 7' long. She said that would take most of it. The counter with the quartz is an L shape from one end to the wall is 11 feet and from the next wall to the end is 9 feet. (so is there 24" of overlap) then there is a double oven cabinet which does not use any quartz then a 2' cabinet. I asked if there would be much left over and was told no. A slab of this quartz is 55"X118". Does it sound correct that not much would be left over. Also when they came out we asked all the questions people on GW suggested we ask except the important one about seams. We forgot to ask. Do you usually meet again to go over where the seams will be and where on the stone exactly they will be cutting? We have already ordered it and paid. Does this all sound normal that not much will be left of the quartz, we can not see where they will be cutting from on the granite and I have no idea about the seams?

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When they come to template, you can discuss with them about where the seams will be. You should also ask for a layout meeting so you can see the templates on the slabs and be able to have some say in what parts of the slabs that you do/don't want to use.

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I agree with gpraceman. I would be very insistent that you see the templates taped to the slabs before they are cut so that you can approve exact placement. Sometimes depending upon your edging, you might not be left with as much usable material as you thought. I was surprised after they laid everything out and saw the cuts, how little there was and how tough it would have been to save some of it for another counter.....mostly this was because of certain areas that I liked better than others on the slab.

If they don't charge you too much, you can ask that they make you trivets out of the leftovers. I had about 10 circles of different sizes made and I glued them to thick silver candleholders from IKEA and they make lovely cake stands and food serving pieces!

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You may or may not own the leftovers on the quartz assuming there are any. Some places price slabs and fabrication separately, in which case you buy and own the slabs. Some charge by the used foot, in which case you get the footage you paid for and the rest is theirs to sell as remnants or throw in the dumpster, which does happen :-(

In any event, discussing seams should be mandatory. Them saying no to letting you see the layout would be a big red flag for me. Even quartz sometimes has some flaws and I would want to be sure they didn't use them.

IMO, time to have a polite but firm conversation ASAP before any cutting takes place.

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Kristen Hallock

I ordered quartz twice. The first time our kitchen was small enough that we didnt have any seams. This time I did ask about where the seam would be, but I never asked to see the template on the slab. I dont really think it matters qith quartz. But I guess I would probably want to see that with granite.

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I would want to see the quartz slabs too to check for resin pooling. Don't assume the slab will look exactly like the sample.

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Thank you for your help. I called and made an appointment to see how the template will be laid out on the slabs. I was told they can show me on paper how the template will be laid out, but they do not show people on the actual slab of quartz. They did say we can have any of the left over material. I will ask to see the slab if they have it.

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I would definitely want to see the quartz slab. Someone here recently got a finished counter with a really large resin pool is a really unfortunate place. Turns out resin pools do happen, but it doesn't mean you want one front and center. Considering what you're paying for the quartz, you are most reasonable in wanting to have a look at what you bought before they cut it up.

I know that not all fabricators have high tech equipment, some still use paper or luan templates or even just masking tape, but that is no excuse for requiring the buyer to accept whatever strikes their fancy on any given day. This is one of the two potential layouts that our fabricator emailed us before cutting. We knew exactly what was arriving. This used 2 slabs, but no seams.

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