Need good quality metal pump head for NeverMT

mrtulinSeptember 22, 2013

What is a new faucet & countertop holes arrangement like if you want to start with a neverMT soap dispenser.?
The soap dispensers with the Delta faucets are plastic and reportedly stop working pretty soon. So why pay for it?
With the NeverMT you really only need the pump head, right?
Can you just buy a good quality metal pump and use the NMT tubing and be good to go?
You can get all metal pump units. They cost a lot because you are paying for the metal canister and the pump unit.
Again, if you are only using the pump unit, why buy the entire device?
Suppose you guys give me all the answers but it takes a week or two to get the right pump from the souce you suggest.
The countertop installers are coming in three days. Can they just drill the hole for the pump head and we install it with the NMT? It certainly seems simple to do.
What size hole would they drill?. (IOW is there a "standard" size hole for deck soap pumps)
I probably made this more complicated than it needed to be. I'm silly from looking at faucets and soap pumps.

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You should buy a soap dispenser as if you never heard of the NeverMT. The installers will drill a hole to match that dispenser.

Afterward, install the soap dispenser, then replace the dispenser's soap container under the sink with the neverMT - you connect the neverMT tube into the short tube provided by the dispenser. The other end of the neverMT tube goes into your big detergent jug.

The only thing you may need to do afterward is to thin the detergent slightly with water. Whether you need to do that or not will depend mostly on the brand of detergent you buy.

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