How far do dishwasher doors stick out when opened?

2LittleFishiesSeptember 17, 2012

...when opened... I am getting the Bosch 800 Plus and I don't see that measurement in the specs.

I'm trying to see if I'll be able to have it opened and also have my island drawer opened all the way at the same time.

We have 45" cabinet to cabinet.

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Mine isn't a Bosch, but they're all nearly the same. My Kenmore, or as I like to call it the 'crappycheapDWthatnolongergetsmuchcleanandleavesanastygreasyfilmandstuckonbitsonglassesthataresogrossIhatetooffermyguestsadrink' machine, sticks out 25.25" from my full overlay drawer stack next to it. What does your current DW measure?

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I meant to add the measurement from the cab face frame. 26".

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My Bosch dishwasher door sticks out 25 inches from the cabinet face frame. The drawers across stick out 21 inches when fully extended. My aisle widthe from countertop to countertop is 50 inches.
Breezy, it doesn't sound like your too happy with your dishwasher. Sorry to hear that it's a piece of crap. Have you called the customer no service yet to see if there is any thing they won't do about it?

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I can't measure my current b/c it's gone. lol

badgergal- Can you open both? If so, how much space? Do you think I will be able to with 45"? On another posts a few people said I should be able to based on their measurements but I guess it's hard to say!

I'm wondering if I should move my island over an inch or two but actually at this point I think I'll leave as is. Also, the walk space on other side of island is a priority so I'm sure it will work out somehow...

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2littlefishes, I just double checked my measurements and the dishwasher door is actually sticks out 25 inches from the cabinet doors not from the face frame. I am able to have both the door and drawers open with 5 inches of space between the. It really doesn't matter if there is space between them since a few inches doesn't make a walk way and you have another way around. It would really only be bottom drawer that might touch the open dishwasher door. You could get by without fully extending the bottom drawer if that is the case.
I was nervous about the aisle with between my island and the opposing counter run so I moved my island over about 2 inches but it really wasn't necessary. Second guessing my self, I thought if I had left it where it was, I could have made the countertop overhang on the otherside of the island 2 inches wider for more countertop space.
There is always something that we could tweak. It sounds like you have put way more thought into your kitchen then many of us out here in the GW world. Good luck as you enter the home stretch.

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Dishwashers require maintenance. Try cleaning your filter, and run a load with just white vinegar for a few cycles.
Remember also the EPA is involved and took phosphates out of alot of products, DW liquid being one of them.
How old is this Kenmore?

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Fori is not pleased

About 19" for my Fisher Paykel DW (drawer) and I don't have to open it all the way unless I'm filling the back. I really like the drawers for tight quarters.

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Those dam- doors are definitely not all the same.

If you have 45" cabinet to cabinet, you actually have 42" aisles.

For your model bosch, the door is 30-5/16". I would subtract the .75" of counter overhang (not 1.5" in this case because the dishwasher would be set flush to the doors/drawer fronts of surrounding cabinets) from the door height. .75" = 12/16 of an inch. So the length the door would stick out is around 29-9/16" into the aisle in the worst case.

But DW doors wrap under a little bit because of the way they are hinged - so I'd plan on an inch shorter or 28-9/16". That's a tiny bit over 28-1/2". The amount of aisle remaining would be (42" minus 29.5" or 28.5") between 12.5" to 13.5".

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