Water bottles for the Fridge?

grumpydaveSeptember 25, 2012

The time has come to give up the bottled water and go R/O. The problem is, I really love the convenience of the individual bottles. I buy the 1/2 liter bottles in cases of 24. It's so convenient to grab a sip and put it back without pouring a glass from a pitcher, or to grab a bottle and carry it with me. It's also great when guests are here and I can simply hand them their own bottle which they always seem to appreciate because they know I'm not just giving them a glass of yucky tap water.

So, now that those bottles are going away what should I use instead? Ideally I'd find some reusable bottles with all the benefits stated above. I'd like to have ten or twenty of them. They should be easily washable. Anyone have any recommendations? Most of the reusable bottles I'm seeing are sports type squeeze bottles with squirt tops. I'd prefer something I can drink out of.

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Just wondering why you are so opposed to using a glass? You really think it is that inconvenient? Our tap water is anything but yucky, but if yours is, maybe you could invest in a water filter. I've never understood those who use plastic bottles of water at home. i understand the convenience of having them for sports and in the car, but at home it is just so easy to keep a glass on the counter and fill it several times a day. I often add lemon or orange slices and ice...it's really refreshing to me. I have gotten packages of bottles from Costco that I keep to take in the car or on a trip with me, but at home I just use a glass.

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I have several different types of plastic, pba-free bottled with screw tops and wide mouths that we use for car travel, sports, hiking, etc. I also dislike squeeze bottles. I can't really recommend a specific brand because we've accumulated them over the years from many places--grocery store, Old Navy, grocery, target, DH's office, and a few outdoor stores. They are easy to find where I live, but then there are lots of greeners around here.

As a guest in someone's home, I feel it unwelcoming to be handed a hard plastic reusable bottle or a recyclable soft plastic bottle for drinking water. Like Gigharborwa, an actual glass is by far my favorite vessel from which to drink. Unless I get it gunky somehow, I use the same glass all day and put it by my bedside at night. Come morning, I grab a clean one and start the day. I have an online filter on my cold water line at my cleanup sink that provides many months of tasty water per filter.

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My favorite water containers for taking with me are the Contigo stainless insulated bottles.

They keep my water cold for hours and don't spill all over. For home use, I prefer a glass usually.

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Love my contigo I have both insulated and non-insulated. I pop into DW to clean them.
I do store a 1/2 gallon glass milk bottle filled with water in the fridge although thinking ad buying a lighter weight version but am not convinced they are any better and the milk bottles take up less room in the fridge.
I am also considering a water bubbler for the pantry.

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At home I drink out of a glass. On the road, our favorite bottle is by Lifefactory it is glass wrapped in a silicone sleeve. It is DW safe. The sleeve is removable, but doesnt have to be removed to go through DW. Even though it is glass, it goes in my kids lunchboxes.

From GW Photos

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Local- love those colors!
Grumpy- need to make u happy again.
Still love your kitchen!

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I like Lock&Lock BPA-free sports bottles (no squirt top). If you look at the pictures in the link, note that the carrying strap is removable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lock&Lock sports bottles

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My kids HS sports teams use the Cruz Stainless water bottles. They have a flip lid for drinking and a screw on top for filling. Most importantly they don't leak!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cruz stainless water bottle

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I just reuse Snapple or Sweet Leaf bottles. They can be washed in the dishwasher (but the lid is hand wash), and a Koozy fits over them to keep them cold, and they fit in my car's cup holder.

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I agree with localeater. The life factory bottles are great, and easy to see inside so I can see how clean they are! They go with my kids to school everyday.

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Would this do it for you (link below):

Alternately, how 'bout good ol' mason jars, available at hardware stores nearly everywhere?

Here is a link that might be useful: stopper bottles at Crate and Barrel

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We drink out of Nalgene water bottles. Mostly the large wide-mouth type, but I also have smaller more individual-sized bottles. They're very durable and easy to grab and go. And they're BPA free now. However, with guests, we just offer standard drinking glasses.

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Thanks for all the replies! After thinking about it further I've realized a couple things.

Handing a guest an unopened sealed bottle of commercial water is always welcome, but a reusable bottle not so much. I'm not talking dinner guests here, more like the contractors who were here last week working on a remodel.

For my own use, a large glass of water kept in the fridge would suffice. I'd want to get something larger than my standard dinner glass though. Something with a lid would be even better. And yes, I did think about the larger Mason jars!

Today I also take a couple bottles with me to work each day. Some of the plastic or stainless steel bottles recommended above can take that role.

Whether my water is coming from the tap or a filter or an R/O is immaterial to my question. I want to store the water in the fridge so it's always cold. I like the convenience of reach-in, drink, put-back that I get with the bottles today. A large glass can do that, plus at least two pitchers for refilling.

Angie_DIY, I love those stopper bottles! I never said any of this has to be plastic.

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I keep plastic bottled water in the fridge for other people, but mainly because I don't want workers to walk off with my glasses or leave them outside somewhere.

At Target today I saw ello water bottles on sale for $5.60.

I bought a couple because the colors will make it easier to tell which one is mine and which is dh's.

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I use Klean Kanteens from LLBean for grab and go. Love some of the other options above.

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Out of curiosity, is it commonplace to offer workers a bottle of water? I can absolutely see marti8a's point regarding not wanting someone walking off with a glass. And I also could see concerns about the glass being broken depending on the type of work being done. I very rarely have any workers in my home as I do almost all work myself. But when I have had workers, I rarely offer water. In general, it seems as though most workers bring their own water or beverage. The few that I have offered bottled water to have not accepted.

With guests, I always offer a glass of water and either fill it myself from the filtered water or let them know there is filtered warm or cold water and ice if they wish to fill it themselves. Regular guests know and retrieve their own glasses and water frequently. I suppose i could offer guests a Nalgene bottle (I have many) instead of a glass, but it seems a little odd to me unless we were going for a hike (when I have offered guests Nalgene bottles).

For overnight guests, I like the idea of providing a pretty glass pitcher or even better, one of those glass bottles Angie_DIY posted, by the bedside with a glass.

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In my experience, no contractor ever accepts water. Everyone brings a water or sports drink.

Maybe they're suspicious. Maybe they should be.

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We offered water to the two guys who came to do countertop templates today (YAY again!) and one of them accepted. It was an unopened plastic bottle and he did take it with him. He probably didn't think he'd be at our house long enough to bring his in.

I have found that most workers bring their own drinks, but I always offer.

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I think I know what the OP means.

Our "on the road" bottles are Klean Kanteens but I do not keep them in the fridge.

We used to buy 24-pack Perrier bottles from Sams' Club but I was not sure whether it was good to drink mineral water often, so we stopped. I kept about a dozen of the bottles themselves for us to re-use as they fit in our little beverage cooler, unlike Klean Kanteens. They are made of glass and have metal screw-on caps. The caps are flimsy, so it'd be better to keep some spare ones, btw. I am not going to offer them to someone else though. -)

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I searched Target online and couldn't find the Ello bottles. I am curious if they are sold only in some Target stores?

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I offer ice & water (and frequent refills plus permission to get their own) to all my contractors. It gets HOT here. They almost always accept; the few that don't have arrived with a cooler for the crew. I keep plastic cups for these situations, not because I am worried about them stealing my glasses but so they don't have to worry about breaking them or losing them or perching them on a ladder.

At home, I prefer tap temp so I can't say much there. For away, I have a collection of stainless steel bottles, which you can get at Ross, etc. for about $3. These are great for the car or outdoor excursions.

grumpydave, you really sound like a candidate for a refrigerator with water dispenser since "cold" seems to be the only real factor motivating you. If you aren't in the market for a new fridge, what about a water cooler? You can get ones that hook up to your plumbing and provide hot or cold water for under $100. If you've been buying bottled water a lot, it will probably pay for itself fairly quickly.

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We drink out of Tervis Tumblers and Kleen Kanteens almost exclusively (the links pop into a new window). They are easy to clean, come in a variety of sizes/colors/designs/personalization, and have several different top options. I even use the KK insulated for my coffee every morning.

The cool thing about the Tervis is that if they crack or break for any reason other than you doing it on purpose they will replace them for free. I have already replaced a couple that had just aged because of some serious use over the last 9 or so years.

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I use Tervis cups for cold drinks and Contigo travel cups for hot. I have 3 kids- the oldest just turned 4 last week. I rarely use glass anything anymore, and if I have hot coffee, it has to be in a spill proof cup. Tervis and Contigo are great for my situation.

However, I so miss drinking from real glass cups and enjoying a big wide mouthed mug of coffee. I will work my way back to that life eventually. Lol. A couple nights ago I saw some glass cups with optional lids on the Crate and Barrel website. They can also be used to store leftovers. I guess it's a "fancy" take on mason jars. I am adding these to my short list of things to buy when my kids stop destroying everything in sight.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crate and barrel working glass with lid

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