I love this backsplash, but will it work with the hood?

crazybusytooSeptember 15, 2012

I just love this forum and how everyone is so helpful, and I'd love your opinion on this hood/backsplash idea.

You can't tell by the photo, but the top of the hood is drywall which gently slopes up to the ceiling to cover the rest of the hood unit. The builder's original intent was to faux finish the drywall, but I wasn't crazy about the idea and just left it the same color as the walls. I don't really like the embellishments either, is it just me? I just don't think they are very graceful. But I'm afraid that if they are removed they will damage the glazed finish. I did not design the kitchen, and don't know the cabinet color. The builder has since gone out of business, so I can't find out.

The backsplash is just paint, and I don't want to decide about the backsplash until I figure out if I want to change the corbels.

I also (hopefully) posted a photo of a backsplash I would love, but I'm not sure if I could get the granite to match. Emerald Pearl is what I have now, but do you think a different batch will be close enough? What other granite choice would you suggest?

The wall paint is Sherwin Williams Jersey Cream.

Thank you!

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Soooo here is the backsplash. Isn't it great? It matches the countertops.

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Lovely kitchen crazybusy. Generally I do not like granite as a backsplash, but your inspiration picture is very pretty.
For your kichen though, I think that if you carried the emerald pearl to the backsplash it would be much, much to dark and would overwhelm the otherwise light kitchen. Maybe look into a marble, or tile lighter than the granite, but darrker than the cabinet. You can do an interesting shape or pattern if you're looking for more interest.

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Pretty inspiration pic! I'm not a fan of the corbels (but then I almost never am) or the embellishments. But, as you suggest I think the ones on the hood will have to remain unless you want to redo the hood. I agree taking them off will mar the finish.

At first glance I thought the granite was cut in that fancy manner. On second glance I think there is wood cut in a decorative manner placed over a rectangular piece of granite. If the cab builder is out of business it may be difficult to finish the wood to match the cabs. ? Maybe you could have your granite cut in such a decorative manner? That will change the look slightly, however.

I think Emerald Pearl is similar enough that you would not have to worry about finding a piece that matches.

Good luck with your quest!

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beeps, what a good eye you have! It took me several huh?! back and forth to see what you meant. It's a bit of an optical illusion, but the shadows on the right edges give it away.

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No, I think the granite is cut like that. The right hand side where the shadow is would be the clue. The angle of the wall would be different if you look at it the way Beeps states. The left hand side is further away, right. With the shadow interpreted as Beeps indicates, the left hand side would be nearest the photo plane and the right hand side further away in perspective. Take a look again and prove me wrong :)))

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I enlarged it a whole bunch and it def looks like the wood is on top of the granite. Too funny, we all see things differently!!

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I can't tell if it's wood on granite or vice versa. But a relevant question in replicating it: What to do with the edge of either the wood or the granite under the corbel? If it's granite on top, it could, I suppose be continued as a backsplash under the upper cabinets...or potentially simply straight line down, even with the right side of the corbel.

If it is wood on top of granite...how do you suppose the right and left sides of the piece of wood are finished off? Wouldn't tht look a bit odd, protruding from the wallboard where the range starts?

Because I can't pictutre that, I'd be inclined to cut the granite to the desired shape and apply it to the wall, rather than a piece of wood cut to frame the granite.

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I would take the corbels off, and have the granite cut to echo the arch in the hood. The inspration is pretty, but that wavy edge is going to be busy under your hood, IMO. I don't think you should try to pull the decorative bits off, unless you have some thing to cover the spots, or if you can find a talented painter to recreate your finish on the entire front of the hood.

Your kitchen looks really pretty.


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I love your range hood, corbels, detail on the front and everything about it. Have you considered glass tiles for your backsplash? I do feel the curved backsplash shown in photo 2 is too busy for the range hood as it exists now.

Glass tiles in opaque white would look lovely in your kitchen. But of course that may be the last thing you'd ever want. : )

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Inspiration picture looks to me like the wood is shaped rather than the granite. Either way I think your space is too small for that treatment. As much as I like green granite (mine's green too) I agree with Twin that a backsplash of emerald pearl would be too dark with the light cabs. Would just suck up all the light.

The hood with corbels and scrolls wouldn't be my first choice because I like clean lines, but it looks like you have quality cabinets and the details probably goes nicely with the rest of the kitchen style/design. I wouldn't remove the scrolls unless you knew you could match the paint or cover the area with different embellishment you like better.
You've shown us the details you don't like, but if we weren't zoomed in would they be that obvious? Can we see some more pictures of the kitchen for backsplash and corbel yea or nay brainstorms?
Thanks for sharing.

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My left eye says the granite is cut and my right says the wood is cut....
Optical illusion - interesting concept. I think it could work with your granite - I like your granite better- but might want to paint a piece of foam board and see if it is too dark or too much contrast first. - OK - I am not a corbel person either...

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Thanks for all the comments! You gave me a lot to think about.

Twn and Island, I have to say I think you may be right. There is not a lot of natural light, with 2 small windows. The first thing I do in the morning is open the blinds, so, yes, good point. And Nancy, yeah, maybe it will be too busy.

Beeps, wow, how observant! Like linelle, I had to do the back and forth thing! Then I did what enduring and gr8day did, and I really don't know now if the granite is sculpted or if it's wood. It never occurred to me to have a decorative wood overlay, that idea may come in handy one day!

Melissastar, you highlighted my issues with replicating this.

I had the vague sense that the backsplash wouldn't work, but I was hoping to find a way to make up for the corbels (which don't look at all like they are actually holding up the hood,) and the embellishments. Which leads me to wonder - if I replace the corbels with ones that look more authentic it that would make a difference? What if I get bigger corbels like in the inspiration picture, and stain them before I take off the current ones?

MuleHouse is right and I should just move on to the backsplash. I have been trying too hard to make this granite idea work for too long, so I'm off to the tile store this week.

Thanks so much for your input :)

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a2gemini brilliant idea! Why didn't I think of that? Thank you!!

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