faucets for messy cooks

mrtulinSeptember 13, 2013

I need a recommendation for a levered faucet for less than $300.
I was all set to buy the Charlestown Bridge faucet pictured below. I had strong second thoughts after reading a caution about having h-c handles and handling ordinary cooking 'goo.' That describes me: dough on my fingers, butter in my nails and chicken livers....well, never mind.

We are "clean enough" but not fastidious

Practical: Our daughter has developmental disabilities, so the levered faucet we get should be easy to adjust for temp and be easy to find the 'off' position
Aesthetic: very old house, new kitchen construction with 'colonial' references: shaker doors, wood floor. Love the design of the original faucet, though I also had concerns about keeping all those crevices clean.

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I would suggest a tap master - best way to open a faucet without touching the lever handle.

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Ditto Lalitha. Then whatever faucet you choose would stay much, much cleaner. Would your daughter be able to operate a foot pedal up under the sink cab toe kick? It's easy to push on/off either to the front or to either side (my model at least). It's like magic!

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If it is only operated by a foot control, it would not be a good choice for my daughter. She probably wouldn't remember how to use it from weekend to weekend ....and if she got really frustrated I could envision it getting a big wallop, not a tap.
And my husband is very old fashioned. He'd rather get water from a well than a sink.

We can certainly deal with a lever....

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I forgot to say "thanks!" for the idea.
Why am I up at 1 am thinking about this when I have to go to work tomorrow?

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This is a traditional faucet in that it is an old design, but it's not really "traditional" in the sense of looking historical.

I am considering this one because of the wrist blades.

It is significantly more than $300 though, seems to run about $450-500.

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would you have the maker/model or link?
"wrist blades' never thought of it.

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Circus Peanut

Ida, that's the Kohler Essex - we have two and LOOOOVE them.

However! The Essex is really just a "designer" faucet modeled on an ADA standard design with wrist blade handles. You can get cheaper ones from solid commercial brands like Chicago Faucets:

c. $270

or T&S Brass:

c. $180

or Moen:

c. $140

The great thing about buying a commercial faucet is that it's very durable and you can usually change out things like handles to get the exact configuration you want (I love the Chicago Faucet wristblades).

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I couldn't remember Chicago Faucets, so thanks for posting that. ( I had Chicago Brass stuck in my head).

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I can see the Chicago Faucets is designed for a person to actually use the wrists.

I wonder if it can be bought with a pull down sprayer.
Thanks so much!

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