Where to put the disposer

CT_NewbieSeptember 6, 2013

Hi! I had been thinking it would make the most sense to put the disposer under the main sink. That way, when we clean up, extra food can get ground up. However, I have seen some people put a disposer on their prep sink. Also, I'm getting a Farmer Sink and saw occasional cracking because of the disposer vibration. I asked the plumber about this and he said any disposer can go with the farm sink (but I will still ask that he hand tighten the disposer when he installs it

Please advise. I think our prep sink might be 15" to 18" wide.

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Wen I had two sinks, I had a disposal in each, and used both frequently (we compost more now so we hardly use the disposal at all anymore, but we still have one for odds and ends).

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Not one or the other. Both. One of the best pieces of advice my former GC gave me was to put GD at both. We compost a lot, but I'd hate to be digging out grimy food bits from either sink. Prep sink has prep bits. Cleanup sink has cleanup bits.

Both. :)

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Do you have one now? You could put tape on the switch to stop using it for a week, then you would know. I spent a week on vacation in a house without one, and decided to put one at each sink. Costco had a good deal.

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Wow! That was pretty unanimous. I have one now which is why I want one (but we only have one sink). And yes, I run it for 10 sec almost each day. I don't throw huge chunks of food out, it's just the loose bits and pieces from rinsing veggies or what remains on the plate when I rinse before putting it in the DW (yes, I know that's a no no) Ugh, it's another thing I am adding which I guess the contractor will consider a change order (blech)

I might have filtered water at the prep sink. Do you think it will get too crowded down there? I talked to one water guy who was recommending a $600 system (plus cartridges) to filter the water from chlorine, bacteria and parasites. I think the main system was to go under the floor (not in the cabinet) but I know some filters go under the cabinet. DH thought the $600 system and the cost of the cartridges at $120 per 6-9 months was high compared to some GE models but I don't know if they were filtering out the same things.

The man recommended putting the filtered water faucet on the main island in case I have to fill a large pot for soup but I only make soup once or twice a year and I measure out the water in the measuring cup. I think it much more likely that someone would want a refill on the island and might be able to reach across to the prep sink to get it. Also, I was thinking I could put a large pitcher in the prep sink and use that to fill bigger vessels for say, lemonade, for a large party

But I digress. OK, will add another one (perhaps just a low end model) to the preps sink.


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CT, I included info about filtration in responding to one of your other sink threads http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/kitchbath/msg090011365693.html
To really decide on filtration, you need to know what is in your water that you want out - and how much flow you need. There are many threads on the subject in this forum, appliances, and plumbing.
Fitting everything under the cabinet is one thing, wanting a lot of holes in your countertop and hardware on your island is another thing.

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We are doing both.

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