Non-stainless steel sink strainer/drain opening options?

smiles33September 16, 2012


We have very hard water in our area and the stainless steel sinks we are replacing are permanently stained as a result. Thus, DH wants me to find porcelain sinks with non-metal sink strainer/drain openings. I don't know what they're called but it's the portion that covers the drain hole at the bottom of your sink and usually includes a lift-out strainer. A quick search of the forums brought up mostly threads about garbage disposals.

What are the non-metal options? Are there porcelain/ceramic drain openings?

Thanks for any advice/help.

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There are lots of colors and materials available from numerous manufacturers. Here's mocha porcelain, from Elkay:

Here's some copper ones to match a manufacturer's sinks

The main thing to be careful with is that you specify whether you are using a disposer or not - the flange will be shaped differently.

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Wow, thanks so much for the helpful post! Does this mean I can order almost any kind of sink and just order the porcelain ones separately? These are going into a bar sink so we have no need for a disposal.

And I did identify it by the right name? Thank you again.

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Just thought I'd update my own thread in case others find it through the search engine to note that I found Kohler Duostrainer comes in white/black/other non-metallic finishes. Found a great deal on wayfair so I'm paying about $44 (with free shipping) for the sink strainer and tailpiece (basket sold separately but these are for toothbrushing sinks in a dental office so no need for the basket).


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Great and keep smiling!

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