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CT_NewbieSeptember 6, 2013

Hi! I'm trying to pick a prep sink for the island. We're trying to get an absolute black granite and will have Superwhite cabinets. I think I can now have a maximum width of 18". It had been 15" but I think I was saving 3" for an 18" wine fridge only to find that they come in 15" or 24".

Any ideas in general for the sink? What are the pros and cons of having the sink made out of the same granite? I like the look but am worried about costs and whether it would leak as I assume it gets cauked together somehow. I was also thinking stainless steel but when I googled silgranit, it looks almost black. I seem to recall a 16 gauge is better than 18 gauge (from back when we renovated our current kitchen with a Ticor sink.) However, in looking at Kraus, I only see 18 gauge for the prep sink. Is that because it is less used than the main sink so the gauge isn't that important?

Lastly, how deep should it be or is there a standard depth?

Please advise. I need to make a decision quickly.

Thank you so much!

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You've probably seen my prep sink already. It's a Blanco silgranit Performa bar sink in metallic gray. The exterior width is 17.5" with an interior bowl size of roughly 15.5". Mine fits in an 18" sink base. The bowl depth is 9" which I sometimes find a bit deep when undermounted under a thick counter material. If you like grids, (I do not) that would reduce the depth a bit.

My cabs are BM Simply White with Carrara perimeter and black walnut island. Both my sinks are metallic gray silgranit.

I am in love with silgranit. It's got every "pro" I can think of (quiet, stain resistant, scratch less, heat proof, easy to clean, free of water spots) with no cons I can name, except that I sometimes forget to clean mine as they look so good a majority of the time.

Edit: the photo above does not do justice to the color of the metallic gray. It actually reminds me of a brushed stainless steel color. I think it would look fantastic with AB counters. But, what's wrong with the anthracite color you said looked almost black? Anthracite would certainly make the sink blend with counters.

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Thank you very much Breezy! I guess nobody else obsesses over prep sinks like me? Your sink looks wonderful. I will look it up. The gray doesn't quite look like my stainless steel though. It's a little warmer in color.

I do like grids but mostly for use with pots/pans. Are you actually washing dishes in it and that's why the depth of the sink matters? Or is it that you are putting a colander in the sink Just curious if you faucet has a sprayer attached? I am going back and forth between having the separate water filter hose in the prep sink faucet and having a separate sprayer or using a separate water filter faucet on the prep sink and having the sprayer attached to the prep sink faucet.

DH doesn't like a black sink. He said it would get dirty and we won't know it. He doesn't like design drama as much as I do


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What about a nifty copper sink? That would look great in the black counter.

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CT, I have the Precis large bowl sink in cinder, and it is great. The cinder color isn't black, it is a warmish very dark flat gray. Metallic gray is lighter, maybe cooler, and may have looked better with my counters; I went for cinder because I thought it would just fade/disappear, and it does..
Our cleanup sink is the precis cascade in cinder and dh loves it. I like that I can steal the pretty colander basket that came with it and use it at the prep sink.
I think your dh is wrong about black: dark floors and cars show dirt, so I imagine even the anthracite (black) silgranit would, too. Our cinder does.
I have a separate filtered water faucet at the main sink and was about to do the same at the prep sink, but was worried about how crowded the soap dispenser and air switch would be. So at the last minute I put a filtrete advanced filter on the only prep sink faucet. Our glasses are near the cleanup sink so we naturally go there for drinking water, anyway.
My faucet is Grohe concetta in steel, it has a pull down sprayer.
I don't think you can out-obsess me on sinks, I spent hours on the Blanco website looking at options and dimensions. Breezy helped by saying she would have gotten the large bowl if she'd had room IRRC, and repac posted a picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: water filter at home depot

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