They have my floors and cabs in with the temp counters

SarinaSeptember 1, 2013

Here are the cabs and the floors . Everything is still dusty and dirty from construction . So do you all think I can use the Blue pearl in here . The kitchen does not get a lot of natural light. Been tossing around the blue pearl as I love it was in my last kitchen such a bullet proof pretty granite. For lighter ones like Bianco Antico not finding a lot of that here though :( Cambria New Quay I like a lot and a few other cambria's. Just love Super White quantize if I could find it here but afraid of the staining with it. Lucky will have laminate and can take time with my choice.

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Is the blue pearl that much darker then the temporary counters? They seem to be leaning toward the dark side (in a good way) and your kitchen doesn't look too dark in the picture. The cabinets and floors together are very pretty. Good luck choosing.

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Blue pearl is very pretty but I'm not sure I like it with your tan vs. warm. I think something in the warmer tones of your floor would look better.

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Joanie ...The floor is actually a tad darker and has gray tones and cream tones that run through it . Countryatheart.. The blue pearl would be a deeper flannel gray . I did find a stone if its still available that has a lot more of blue mixed in with the silver flecks . Of course once it is on the counter that will show up less until light hits it or time of day.

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