Help with White Kitchen & Mudroom Floor Plan

CT_NewbieAugust 30, 2013

Hi all! Attached is my kitchen plan and elevations. In terms of where the appliances are, I'm pretty happy with that. I don't use my ovens very often and I liked the idea of having the rangetop/hood be the focal point and of having lots of symmetry. Just fussing with the cabinetry a little - what am I putting where and measuring pots/pans and the broom/closet mudroom so maybe in some ways, the help needed is more in the latter. I guess I just leave our toaster oven out?

We are going for a transitional look. Likely natural quartzite that has a marble like look for the surround and a honed black granite for the island - Absolute Black? Contemplating glass or carrerra marble subway tile

In terms of cooking, DH and I sometimes cook together. He'll do the meats and I'll do veggies. In our new kitchen, he can prep next to the main sink and I can prep on the island vs. fighting over the sink in our current kitchen. We have 3 year old toddlers so we often use the microwave to heat up their food

To the right of the kitchen is the eat in kitchen area and then the family room which has a fireplace that would be opposite the range top. The dining room ("below the kitchen") has two doors that connect to the kitchen. I contemplated removing one door to get more space for pantry/broom but I really like that fact that people aren't stuck against the wall or corner by having two doors for good flow. My dilemma is that there was no place to store the broom, swiffer as the KD said it couldn't fit on the wall with the fridge and I didn't want to just tack it on the edge of the wall with the rangetop after trying to achieve the symmetrical look. The KD liked the idea of the total sweep of the surround without it being blocked by anything tall. The natural lighting in the kitchen/EIK area is surprisingly dark so we wanted to ensure that the light from our now expanded window could flow everywhere.

To create the mudroom, I have to expand into the garage by about 13" and lose my existing pantry. I think this is fine because I shop 1-2 x a week and we have a lot of cabinetry. I wanted to be able to fit at least 5 cubbies so by shortening the broom closet, I think I can squeeze one more than she has in these plans here. Others have suggested not to put in the actual dividers in the cubbies and we would get more space

One other thing to note is I'm 5'3" so factor that in. Maybe I should have gotten a built in area for a step stool!

Thank you!

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Here are the elevations. Would like to know your thoughts

Thank you!

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Drawings are too faint for me, but as far as I can see it might be better to have an island parallel to the cooktop wall because this one will block your way to the fridge. Since you have 2 cooks in the kitchen DW can be on the other side of the main sink so any 3rd person helping with cleanup will not be in your DH's prep area.

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I can't tell either if your kitchen is large enough for this but you might also consider the two island solution so that you would have one island parallel to cooktop and another that could have seating. And this also might avoid "bumping butts" with the two sinks and two cooks. I have seen this successfully used in some kitchens

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