Where did you end your backsplash?

bixa525August 25, 2012

Did you end it at the end of the countertop or at the end of the cabinet end? I ask because our cabinet ends a bit shorter then the countertop and I was told by the installer that they always end the backsplash at the cabinet end. How is yours done?

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End of counter for us! The tile installer always goes to the end of the counter! I don't know what he would do if the cab run was longer.
Hold your ground if you want to go to the end of the counter!

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I don't know if this will help, but we have the opposite situation.
Our cabs extend beyond the countertop.
Here's what we did.

If it were me, I'd extend the backsplash to the end of the countertop.
Be sure that the manufacturer of your BS tiles makes the appropriate bullnose pieces so that the end of the backsplash will look finished.

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End of counter. My cabinet runs stop a couple of inches before doorways on each end, so I had the counters go all the way to the door frames and then the backsplash dies into the door frames as well. If your countertops don't end at a vertical structure like mine, I think it is a tossup depending on what you want to see on your wall. If your countertop ends in midair (so to speak), then you are going to have a vertical tile edge either way. The decision then is whether it looks better to have a simple vertical drop from the cabinet edge, or to have the tile jut out horizontally, turn a corner and then drop down. I am not so sure I wouldn't choose to end the tile at the cabinet edge in that case.

Best thing is to look at lots of photos of kitchens with counters ending where yours do and see which you like better. The only real rule is to make it functional -- if you are going to be pureeing tomato sauce on that edge of the counter, then you would want a backsplash behind it. :)

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I agree with your installer. I like a straight line of tile from the cabinet edge to the counter rather than a jog over to the end of countertop. My eye immediately goes to the jog, and not in a good way.

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End of counter for us- our tile has special bullnose pieces so those actually are all the extend past the upper cabs.

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I feel it depends on the particular wall. Mine lines up with the end of the counter on the peninsula.

Do you have a photo or drawing? That would help.

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We ended ours at the cabinets even though on both sides of the kitchen, the counters go further than that.

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Thanks everyone, my cabinets stop just a bit before the countertop does so I think we will go with stopping at the cabinet since I don't think it will be that noticable. Will post pics after it's done.

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