Just saw Witch Hazel Corian at my neighbor's house

CKGMAugust 23, 2012

That stuff is gorgeous!!!! This is not your Momma's Corian for sure. Until I touched it, I really thought she caved and got the marble she wanted. I had a little bit of countertop envy for sure!

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I know - it's amazing, and it is the best of the collection by far. Other colors like Burled Beach are fine but they're still Corian. The witch hazel is an almost flawless copy of marble, but in its price group it's more expensive than the real thing. I'm sure she got it for performance and maintenance reasons, but I'm probably not going to spend that much for faux anything. By the way, for others interested, photos don't do it justice. You have to see it in person.

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I love it too! I almost went for it instead of the Imperial Danby Marble but in person on a big area it was just very beige vs white. It is beautiful though!

Rain Cloud is also beautiful and is white/gray... Witch Hazel brings in the beige.

They FEEL awesome! Here's some pics I have:

Left is Witch Hazel and everything on right is Vermont Imperial Danby Marble

I have more but Photobucket is giving me a hard time for some reason! I'll try later.

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Witch Hazel is really nice. I came very close to using it in our master bath. I don't think in person it would really fool anyone into thinking it's marble, but it has a cool feel all on its own.

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Witch Hazel-- You can see how it doesn't read white- still beautiful though...

Rain Cloud

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I like this a lot (can't believe I am actually saying this since normally I much prefer the natural to the man-made). Has anyone installed this? Of so, was it a good choice, or do you feel buyer's remorse? Thanks.

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I know a few people on GW installed Rain Cloud but not sure about WH.

BTW, the pic I posted above is Witch Hazel on the TOP.
The 3 squares below are Vermont Imperial Danby marble.

I loved the samples but was disappointed when I saw a tub surround in Witch Hazel at Ferguson. As you can see in the green/yellow kitchen above- it reads beige instead of white. However, if beige is what you want it looks beautiful!

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I'm planning to install Witch Hazel in my new kitchen. Never thought I'd consider Corian, but as CKGM says, this ain't your Momma's Corian. I'm using because I it's the perfect compromise for the white/light countertop I want without the staining, etching, chipping risks of the natural materials. I know it's expensive--but I'm looking forward to years of stress free countertop maintenance. And it truly is gorgeous!

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"this ain't your Momma's Corian"

Those pictures are really nice. But my DH dislikes "Momma's Corian".

Has Corian actually changed their mix/texture in production of Rain Cloud (love it) and Witch Hazel? I might just have to go see it. Thanks for posting this.

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My Witch Hazel should be coming in a week or so. I was looking for a creamy, light countertop. I hope the huge sample I have is what I get IRL.

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I saw a huge countertop made of this at a showroom, and that is how it caught my eye. I really like it, and I didn't at all feel it screamed beige.

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