Cooktop cutout and installation in quartz countertop

boone_2009August 7, 2013

Hi everyone!

I seem to be asking so many questions lately. This one has to do with the cutout for our (Electrolux gas 5 burner) cooktop in a Silestone countertop.

I am not clear about two issues in particular:

1) The Silestone manual recommends radii at the corners of the cooktop cutout because otherwise the quartz might crack; when I asked my fabricator about it, he first said that Silestone just says that to cover themselves, then he said when straight cuts are made, they may go over each other at the corners and that will cause possible cracking, so he will" do a slight radius". Please give me your feedback. Is a radius an angled cut? What is normally done for cooktop cutouts in quartz counters? What is an 'usual' radius at each corner?

2) He said one just drops the cooktop in, into the cutout, and that's it- connect it to the electrical outlet and we're good to go. Nothing more needs to be done. I can't believe this - is this true? Don't cooktops have to be supported somehow, in the countertop? Forgive me my ignorance :-(.


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a radius cut is a curve, not an angled cut

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Usually the units do not require any other support. Some have clamps to hold them in place, some dont use them

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Sophie Wheeler

Why are you having doubts about what your fabricator is telling you? He's 100% correct.

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new-beginning: yes, of course, I wasn't thinking, duhhh. Sorry - my only excuse is that I'm fatigued.

weedmeister: thank you, reassuring to know.

hollysprings: I guess because I am a stupid over-thinker!

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