Herringbone BS underway...sudden impulse(pics)

enduringAugust 15, 2011

...So I was all set to install my mosaic tile that I picked out and purchased several months ago. Lansdale Carrara marble from The Tile Shop. Creamy with golds. No veining, slight mottling. I chose this tile because I liked the subtle variations and the petite size.

I got the space all prepped ready to tile on Saturday. This is an earlier version of my sink wall. I now have beautiful casing up around the window and doorways painted to match the wall color.

So I have been thinking herringbone all these months and each time I bring the topic up with friends I am told to just put up the sheets of mosaic, that it would be too much trouble. I would always agree as I've never tiled before. On Saturday I was looking at my plain running bond pattern then did an internet search on herringbone tile. I saw many beautiful examples, used in all kinds of places with all kinds of materials. On an impulse I started cutting the sheets up and installing herringbone. Here is my beginning:

It has taken me about 8 hours to get to this point. Kinda pretty, don't ya think? When I get done with this I have the stove wall to do.

Boxerpups, would you be so kind as to post a selection of herringbone backsplashs to help me share my enthusiasm for herringbone! You always have such wonderful images and have helped so many people with their vision.

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It looks wonderful!!!!! I love herringbone and think you are doing a tremendous job!

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I really love it. I don't know if I could go back to running bond after having seen how good that looks.

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Great job so far! Can't wait to see the end product!! Way to go with your gut!

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Beautiful!!!! Keep up the great work and post us photos when you are done. I would love to see it finished.

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It's GORGEOUS! I am doing herringbone cararra behind my stove, and I love the pattern. So elegant. You are doing an amazing job! Can't wait to see it finished!

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Gorgeous! I'm impressed with your ability to go with your gut! Can't wait to see the finished product.

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i think it's looking great - and will look even better when grouted.

you say you've never tiled before? you're set if you need to change professions...

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Love it!

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Inspirational! And absolutely beautiful!

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Thanks for your enthusiastic comments! You know, with exclamation marks and all! This is an example of going with my "gut". While the original mosaic layout made me smile, and the smile was the reason I went with this tile, the thought of going herringbone made me laugh!!!

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I like the way you are laying out the color variation in each of the tiles. Not an easy feat by any means.

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Ellendi, of course because of my impulsivity I was just popping tiles up there (over stated, it was painfully SLOW). before I knew it I noticed a rather whitish zone. Then, I took the time to consider. It sounds like it wasn't too late to make adjustments to my approach because I don't notice the white zone anymore. Initially all my mental energy was trying to get the tiles to hold still and related to each other. That was a task to say the least.

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it looks great! I've been thinking of doing herringbone for my kitchen and I love your in progress "before and after". I think I'm sold!

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Wow, that looks really, really gorgeous! Looking forward to the end result.

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Enduring -- LOVE the tile! It is a perfect match for your beautiful cabinets and counter! And your "simple" act of turning it the tile and making a herringbone looks absolutely fantastic. I'm sure it's tons of work, but it's looking sooo good.

I'm especially thrilled to see this because I've been struggling so hard to find a marble to go with our soapstone counters and natural cherry cabinets. Looks like your cabs may be quarter-sawn oak? The color is pretty similar to our cabinets, though.

All the marbles I've brought home are either too cool/blue or too beige.

Can you please tell me more about your marble? Does it have much gray in it? It looks like the "background" is more creamy than white.

Off to find a Tile Shop in my area!

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That is just beautiful! I can't believe you are doing it yourself. It has such eye appeal and an elegant look to it. The way the "shades" of colors in the tile are positioned looks as if tile took hours to select and placed. WELL DONE!!

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Amazing how changing the pattern can really, really change the look.

Your herringbone pattern makes me happy.


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We had planned on doing herringbone for our field tile and your post and pix just solidified that decision ;)
The difference in your examples is so striking that it is hard to believe that it is the same material and just a different layout.

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To everyone that is thinking of doing herringbone, I can't wait to see your installations posted on GW!

julieh1926, my cabinets are cherry too. The tile is from "The Tile Shop" and is called Lansdale Carrara. There are many different sizes. Their earlier version of Lansdale that they used in an installation in the store bath display has more blues but is also beautiful. The tile lot they have now at my location has more tans and creams and was a good fit for my kitchen. There are occational cool pieces but overall a warm creamy blend. Hardly any veining. I tried the typical white gray Carrara and it was too cold for my space.

Beekeeperswife, interesting, when I look at my tile installation out of the corner of my eye, I see your beautiful backsplash tile!!

advanced, thanks for your complements, I am looking forward to seeing my job get this completed. It is fun to do.

dianalo, have you done a search for herringbone pics on line? There are beautiful examples out there. Fireplace insides, backsplashes, floors, walls, etc.

I am still hopeful that Boxerpups posts herringbone images of all sorts. I don't know how to make posts like Boxerpups. The images I saw on my search were so exciting.

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I usually see herringbone as the inside of a feature so it is nice to see someone else use them for field tiles.
Our field tiles ended up as a very solid color and not the handmade looks I had originally intended. We decided to do the herringbone pattern to give them more interest. Our feature is a tile set with a "scene" (for lack of a better word), so the field tile can be laid in any pattern we want around it. With so many people doing subways, this may be the new trend for using subways in a different way. I hope it does not get too trendy because we are trying not to date our kitchen too much. Maybe we can keep it as a good GW secret, lol?

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You're doing a fantastic job! Did you say you've never tiled before?? What a natural!

Love the look. Can't wait to see the final photos!

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Beautiful and unique! I think you made the right choice and your work looks lovely. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks all, can't wait to get home tonight to start working on it again. It is the first time I tiled and that might account for the slooow progress. It is a leisurely activity when you don't have a time schedule.

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Beautiful - herringbone is my favorite!

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Gosh...I have only one that comes to mind and nothing
as lovely as yours. I love your idea. Clever, creative
and beautiful.

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Thanks Boxerpups for your input, you are a great resource! I'll have to see how to make some postings of some of the lovely examples I saw on my search the other day. They will be fun to look at.

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here are a few found.

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Thanks Boxerpups, these are very nice examples. The one yellow tiled kitchen is laid "sideways". I think of the "up and down" direction as typical and when I see it sideways it is a different new look to my eye. I think I look at the "up and down" direction as "normal" because when I used to sew wool herringbone it would always be up and down in the garment. Did you see that I posted a bunch of herringbone examples last night? I don't think there are any repeats in our 2 postings! Take a look at the link with "herringbone" in the title.

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very inspiring to see all of these examples. You did a great job and now just as I thought we were decided on a backsplash, I read this thread. I think we might just incorporate the herringbone into our design.

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bjturner27, also look at some pictures I posted on another link called "inspirational herringbone", or something like that, last night.

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interesting that the one is really 6 x 6 tiles that make a pattern of herringbone. The green and white one. The examples are beautiful thank you for posting. Enduring, your work is beautiful you are doing a wonderful job, it looks great! I love it. My favorite of your example photos is the 4th one down with the big medallion. Gorgeous.

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