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mtglobalAugust 29, 2012

Hi All, I am new to this site and just beginning to do a kitchen update. After reading the various posts, I am thrilled to realize how smart and knowledgeable you all are! Your advice would be most appreciated. Some details to understand our style a little better -- contemporary house; white cabinets and soon to be black granite countertops with black glass backsplash with some design in the middle. Tons of sunlight in the kitchen.

Here are my questions:

1) stainless sinks --- I am hearing that there are 16 and 18 gage sinks. Big difference in price. Is it worth it? I have ceramic sinks now -- double bowl -- and am hoping to not have to move the plumbing. Do you have recommended brands of sinks to look at?

2) appliances -- huge range of prices here. Looking mid to mid high based on property value and love of cooking. I'm curious of opinions on GE Profile products vs. Jenn Air vs. Thermador.

3) French door fridges -- anything to be aware of? I have a side by side now and hate it! Can't fit anything into the freezer.

Thank you all so much for your advice.


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1. My favorite 16 gauge sink ...
With none of the accessories, it saves $50. Although, I do recommend getting the sink grids !

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I have a GE Profile range (double oven convection slide-in) and I love it! I've only been using it a couple months, but so far it's everything I wanted and I have no complaints.
I also have an LG french door fridge and I love that as well. The freezer drawer has a ton of space, so much more than with a side by side. Only thing you should be aware of is that with the two upper fridge doors, you will need to open them both to get into the deli drawer, if you get a model that has that.

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There have been several threads on the difference between 18 or 16 ss sinks. I linked a recent one. If you want to read more just google "gardenweb 18 gauge" and threads will pop up.

Also lots of debates on sxs vs fd refrigerators. If you don't like your sxs now that you will probably like the fd. I love my fd and will never get any other style but its a personal decision.

Here is a link that might be useful: thread of 18 vs 16 gauge ss sinks

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Thank you all for your feedback. I will check out the thread as you suggested.

Appreciate all your suggestions.

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Elraes Miller

Look at the percentages of metal used in the sinks. There is a difference in values whether 16 or 18.

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Just a quick note--Elkay sinks are made in the USA. That's one of the chief reasons I chose one. (I'm hoping I get one of the sinks made in Lumberton, NC. It would be nice to have one made in my state!)

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1. Having had a "good" 18 gauge sink I can tell you they're fine. If you need to tweak the budget somewhere, it's not like the cheaper option won't work. But if you can find a good price, and you're going to choose an expensive counter with an undermount or farm sink, you might want to go with the thicker, heavier option for durability in the long term.

2.) You are looking at mid-range (in terms of) performance, upper range (in terms of) price appliances. There is an appliance forum here, and your searches there on this topic will be quite fruitful, but the overall GW take on cooking appliances is that these are OK choices, they look good and are OK performers, but with clever shopping and a few extra dollars you can have a much better range if you buy a Capital Culinarian or a Bluestar.

I've cooked on a JennAir and I'll tell you that the issue isn't high temperatures - all of these can be hot enough for an excellent home cook - but low ones. If you want a true simmer in a large pan, you can't get it on a JennAir. You're either on a tiny burner, so the flame never reaches the edge of the pan, or on the right size burner (flames to the edge), but at too high a heat. Do not buy a JennAir. I can't cook eggs on them.

That said, you also don't want to buy a range if there's no one in your area who can service it. Capital and Bluestar are small companies with limited service areas. I have friends in mid coastal Maine who went with GE profile for this reason. I can't buy a Capital for this reason (no one around to perform warranty/factory authorized service). If you want to stick with a mid range brand because of this, I had a much better experience cooking on a KitchenAid range than I have with (again, apologies to fans) JennAir.

3.) My favorite fridge is the one from the cottage I sold in 2010, a counter depth french door KitchenAid. There's a thread on French Door fridges here, and one on the appliance forum.

You'll also find threads that suggest white appliances are coming back. You have to take some of this stuff with a grain of salt... Good luck!

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Mjsee, FYI: UltraCraft cabinets are made in Liberty NC, if you haven't committed to a cabinet line yet. We love ours !!

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Mostly, but not all. From wikianswers:

Elkay manufactures stainless steel sinks in Illinois, Utah, Mexico and China. The Chinese factory primarily makes sinks for the Asian markets, although their EGUH series products are sold in the US market. Other products, notably the ELUH / Lustertone series of sinks are manufactured in Oakbrook, IL.

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We were thinking about purchasing an Elkay undermount SS sink from and called their customer service today to find out where it was manufactured. I was given the run around and finally found out it's made in China SO no, not all Elkay sinks are made in the USA.

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Found a few more sinks on the Elkay site. One of them is an ELUH model but guess what? Made in China! Good luck finding one made in the US.

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