No 48" wide drawers for under rangetop? Are rollouts fine?

CT_NewbieAugust 25, 2013

Hi! We are putting in a 48"? stove top (6 burners + griddle). A number of you responded to my post about where to put pots and pans. While I thought I would go with drawers and just put them right below, the Rutt person just told me they don't make 48" drawers any more. They had too many problems with sagging. Is this a huge dilemma? I'm pretty sure that the other brand I got a quote from had the 48" drawers. She said she had put in rollouts in the cabinets which could serve the same purpose (granted, I liked the look of the wide drawers vs cabinet slightly better). Also, the cabinets require you to open them and then pullout (but we usually pick our pots/pans out in advance anyway.) Then shorter stacked drawers would be on both sides of the rangetop.

Then I think she said they could put in four 12" wide drawers to get to the 48" if I really wanted drawers. I was on cell phone so didn't have much time to chat. 4 drawers seemed like it was too broken up for my tastes

I asked what the largest drawer size was and I think she thought 40" or so. I guess it would be just wasted space to have the 4" on each side or they could be those vertical drawers but not sure what I would put in them as people reported problems with spices vertically near the rangetop (or was it just the range?) She had said Rutt Regency was custom but it now isn't sounding custom to me

Please advise as we were going to sign the contract late tomorrow afternoon and tell the the other brandpeople they didn't get the job. We really like this kitchen designer and much of her design but I just want to make sure I'm not sacrificing anything with our cabinets.

Thank you!

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What about combining two 24' drawer banks to equal 48" so you would have 4 drawers in that space? Some cabinets companies will do this for a modification upcharge. Not sure what cabinet company brand you're going with.

Its so hard to do cooktops in that large of a space.

I personally like rollouts only because they are adjustable. You can store your stock pot in there. When drawers are what they are and sometimes the pots don't fit in there.

Just a few ideas...

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I have rollouts now and think they are fine. But I'm not so busy that the extra 2 seconds to open the door first is a problem, although it seems to bother other people. I like that you can access large items somewhat from the side, rather than just from directly above, as you would with a drawer. Agree that 12 inches is an awkward with, though-- I don't think that would be very useful.

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Someone here, a2gemini? had sagging or something with exra wide drawers.

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Sophie Wheeler

NEVER have drawers wider than 36" if it's going to store heavy stuff like cookware. In your instance, with fully custom, I'd have a single cabinet with a 30" drawers in the middle, and 2 9" pullouts on the sides that hold the lids of the pots and pans on a pegboard type grid pullout. Or, just do 2 24" drawer bases as a single cabinet. Custom can get you pretty much any configuration. Except things that aren't done for structural reasons.

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I like Hollysprings' suggestion of a 30" drawer plus pullouts for lids or utensils, like this (scroll down to the first picture in the link):

(I made the link clickable)

Here is a link that might be useful: utensil pullout

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Yes, that does sound like a very interesting idea! Thank you Holly and thank you everyone else for your suggestions. I will take a look at my pots. Right now, we stack some of the pots but I do have the tall pasta pot.

It's hard because I don't have the design in my hands but I guess we just have to put our money down, order and then make changes within the two week window. We're getting Rutt Regency.

Thanks so much! You are all so creative and helpful.

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I remember when I checked that there were some people who had 48in drawers and loved them. Of course if Rutt does not make it anymore, some other options like the ones in the thread shown below are good

Here is a link that might be useful: What to put under 48'' drawers

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Agree with hollysprings' approach. A single bank of wide drawers with narrow pull outs on either side. I might go for 36" drawers and 6" pull outs which besides pot lids can hold cookie sheets, cutting boards, spices or canned goods depending on the configuration. Utensils in the pullout would allow for an extra deep drawer (no shallow top drawer) to accommodate the tallest items. Lots of great options!

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I would do 36" drawers and 2 six inch pullouts for oils, spices.

Shiloh also does max 36" drawers.

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Thank you! What a great link GW. Ruby, I was thinking of having our spices in a drawer across (not the vertical spice rack) because some people felt the heat dulled the spices. Also, I'm doing something real cooks probably wouldn't like. I moved my ovens to a different wall from the cooktop since I don't use them that much. I'm putting the cookie trays, etc. above the ovens. As a side note, i am slightly concerned about the double ovens. In addition to not being that tall, I realized that my arms are not that long so when the oven door is down flat, I might be stretching to get to the rack. Maybe I will stand on the side to load the oven!

I met with the KD today, Perhaps I didn't explain Holly's idea correctly and we were pressed for time and had to discuss a bunch of other things. She said that the grids were for some other purpose and she was concerned about having enough room with the 9". I also liked the idea of the two 24" drawer sets so she's adding that and revising (we did a lot of flip flopping of the location of things). She will send me an electronic version tomorrow and said we have ~ 10-14 days to make any changes. I will post when I get them and take a shot without my address on it :) While she had a lot of measurements in the plan, there were some cabinets that didn't have exact measurements. She said something about a range for the window and then the window size would drive the measurements of the cabinets since we were ordering somewhat standard windows.

I am now thinking how the wider drawer would give me more flexibility on the pot storing. Not sure how adding the two thin pullouts would affect costs. Maybe I'll now be measuring the width of my pans! Hope I don't drive myself crazy :)

Thank you!

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CT, measure away! You will go crazy if you choose a drawer size that doesn't fit your pans, and that will last. TKO (totally kitchen obsessed) is NOT crazy!

I don't have a lot of kitchen space, and I measured practically everything I own. I specified drawer heights, drawer widths, even shelf heights to best accommodate the things I have. I drew out sizes with tape on the floor, and arranged things in a way that made sense. When my new cabinets first arrived, two stacks of drawers were the wrong size, and there was no way I could make them work. I called the cabinet builder, and he fixed it (the way it was drawn). Now I can store my cake pans on their sides, and store my sugar, flour, etc in canisters in a drawer, which was my goal.

I also spent a lot of time going through the contents of my old cabinets, and thinking about where I should put it in the new kitchen, based on size, point of use, and frequency of use. During the process, I realized that I had enough storage for rarely used and bulky items, so I permanently closed off a corner (it's a U-shaped kitchen) to allow drawers on each side of the corner. I never would have imagined myself creating dead space - I abhor "wasted" space - but I realized that using space most efficiently in my kitchen was far more important than using every square inch - and losing functionality in the process.

Good luck, and have fun!

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