Weimaraner color match

MardoAugust 20, 2012

I'm really not a nut so please just have a good chuckle if you can't help me out with my question. Some people take items to be color matched for wall paint but I'm getting a spark of inspiration for my cabinets from my most handsome boy Leo. I love his mousy grey-brown coat and thought about getting my new kitchen done in a similar shade OR two shades for upper and lower cabs. What color stain would I request that matches Leo? Walnut is my first wood choice followed by maple.

For those who dont know what a weimaraner is it's a dog and I'm trying to load a pic of Leo using my iPad but no luck!!

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It's not a pic of Leo but its a reference link to his breed and coloring. I just discovered that Benjamin Moore has a paint color called Weimaraner, but it's not great IMHO.

Here is a link that might be useful: Weimarner worldwide

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Here is the Wikipedia link for people who don't know these beautiful dogs. :)

I don't think you will be able to stain walnut to match (it's too dark), but natural walnut would look great next to that shade of gray on the walls or backsplash. You might be able to find some kind of wash for maple to give you that gray. Why not just paint the cabinets, though? Or if you want stained wood cabinets, then you have plenty of other places to bring Leo's color into the kitchen.

(p.s. I don't think you are a nut. Have you seen the "my kitchen matches my dog" thread?)

Here is a link that might be useful: Wikipedia - Weimaraner

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yep. somewhere on here - not that long back - we had a thread of kitchens that match the resident dog(s).

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If I did it right here is the link for the thread about pets matching the kitchen

Here is a link that might be useful: Does your kitchen match your dog?

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I had a yellow lab who was a beautiful color but shed like crazy. When I needed a rug for my family room, I brought the samples home and matched them to her. The rug looked great and it really cut down on the constant vacuuming.

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I have a sample BM Weimaraner on my wall right now. I am going to use it for my ceiling and BM Kasbah for my den. Small room with windows bigger than some of the walls.

I think it's a gorgeous, rich color. Don't trust your monitor. Go to the store.

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That thread was awesome. Just what I needed to push ahead for my Leo kitchen. My DH is simply going to bang his bald head against the wall when I tell him about our new Leo cabinets. I love this forum :)

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Not exact, and not stained, but here is a lovely kitchen with a greige island painted a similar color to what I envision of your beloved Leo. And it looks absolutely beautiful

Here is a link that might be useful: Greige island

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I don't think you're nuts at all! I've always thought Weimeraner's were exceptionally beautiful. Such gorgeous coats! And totally agree with CEFreeman that you need to check out the BM Weimeraner color in person. I had to look it up on my color fan (whatever the heck those things are called) and it is a beautiful color.

I hope you figure out a way to post a picture of Leo, especially when your new kitchen is done. :)

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The BM Weimaraner color was one of my finalists. I have an extra color chip if in the area - the large one!
Love cf's idea and might need to check out her other color...

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The thing about the BM Weimaraner is that it takes on the colors next to it. That to me is an absolute, true neutral.

Next to the Kasbah, it takes on a grayer, complimentary color. Interestingly enough, a painting next to it has dark brown-y greens, some grays to hints of pink, and some golds. It's a still life, needless to say. But that darn, giant paint square compliments every single color in that painting. It's hung next to it, with the square tucked behind the painting so it didn't curl. I love it!

Yes, it's Weimaraner for me. :)
Oh - it's one of their special colors, where pretty much every color on the fan is made to go with each other.

I didn't mention Kasbah is a dusty purple. I've looked for years for the perfect purple, without too much blue, nor too much red, and the perfect amount of "dust" (gray)! Finding Kasbah, and it working in my light was an A HA HAHAHAHA moment.

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Here's my kitchen inspiration: Leo. He makes my heart sing! Sigh....

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Okay I couldn't resist a pic of Baby Leo. Maybe his baby blues and his adult amber golds should be incorporated as accent colors?? Yes his ears are really that big and cute...those are his angel wings :)

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He's beautiful. Maybe you can take him in and they can just color-match him. =)

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Check out Ralph Lauren Paint in Poplar Island. It's similar to BM Weimaraner, but with a little more gold.

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What a beautiful, sweet boy!

I love my babies. I have a Kali, my golden-orange, long-haired girl (yes, orange kitties are usually boys) sitting across my lap right now, pressing her head into the crook of my elbow. Hard to type, but easy to stop and pet.

My gray fat girl, Kharma, is like Weimaraner fur. She's silver in some lights, mat gray in others, very soft and so sweet even the vets and groomers want to keep her.

I can't think of a nicer tribute to your sweet boy than to 1) have that photo blown up life size, and 2) taking him in to match. Hard to get the nuances, but that's why there are textures in paint, fabrics, window treatments, molding, etc.

It can be done! :)

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Annie Deighnaugh

Beautiful dog! No you're not crazy....or else I am too...I painted the MBR at the old house to match Casimir's eyes which are the most fabulous shade of greenish gold..

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I looooove Weimaraners! My friend's got two of them and both of them can open their doors with their paws. They're very smart dogs :-)

The sheen and variations in their fur make me think of a stained cabinet instead of a one tone paint. Maybe something like this cabinet color (not necessarily the cabinet style, just the color):

Modern Kitchen design by Boston Kitchen And Bath Venegas and Company

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Mardo, I have 2 weimaraners that light up my life. We have had the breed for as long as we have been married~37 years! I can't imagine life without them! Ours blend with our taupe sectionals. I love gray and we have lots of gray in the house as well as 2 gray cars. I think you will find many "weimaraner" color options. Please share when the decisions have been made. Leo is gorgeous!

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Don't have a weimaraner, but I have always had yellow labs and thought I was the only nutty one who tried to match my kitchen (flooring) to the color of my dog. I did find the perfect color and am so happy!

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