Help-Should we make this last minute Drastic change?

susied3August 20, 2013

The longest GW remodel continues.....

Our latest saga is this, in the baking center, the fridge and freezer are flanking the back wall, sink in the middle. Well.... We decided to make the pantry a foot larger and didn't realize the impact of that lost foot on that wall! The cabinet maker came to finalize measurement and placement of the sink and other cabinets and we were kind of disappointed to say the least. Now the sink looks too large to me for that wall. It can't be centered because we are planning on an 18" DW between sink and refrigerator. DH does not want to change out the sink, he likes it.
Our pantry isn't finished, because it is temporarily holding the fridge/freezer, but we do have a couple cabinets installed. One large cabinet which holds a toaster oven and large cooking accessories.
DH pointed out that we use the toaster much more than the freezer and suggested we move the freezer to the pantry and put regular base cabinets where the freezer cabinet is now. The sink could then stay centered and a bank of drawers would go where freezer cabinet is now for bread, snacks and paper plates that I had originally planned on the left of sink. Not to mention the counter space. With it the way it is, the cabinetmaker can barely fit in a 12" bank of drawers and that doesn't seem large enough to me.
I'm posting some pics to give you an idea of what I'm talking about, I'm sure y'all can help figure this out!!

Thanks so much!

Looking in to area

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I can't seem to post more than one picture at a time so posting more.

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Your pic is upside down.

It's upsidedowness is coming from how your camera was positioned when you took the pic. You may be able to rotate the image and re-post it, but I'm not a Mac person, so I can't offer advice.

There's a thread on the Home Dec forum that deals with how to take pictures so they appear correctly. I'll see if I can find it for you.

Hope that helps.


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This is inside pantry, the cabinet holding the toaster, it would be removed and freezer cabinet in its place. Green tape is where freezer would go to.

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Thanks, L!

It shows upright on my iPad but this is my first attempt trying to post pics on this thing. Is the second upside down as well?

I won't post anymore until I can figure how to correct it. Thanks for letting me know.

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Here ya go.

Ths thread discusses the problem, cause, and I think, the fixes for the wrong-way pics.

I know they look OK to you on your device, but for most other people, they are upside down or sideways.

It has to do with where your camera lens is when you snap.

I think the simplest cure is to retake the pics.

Absent that, posting them to a a 3-rd party site like PB that allows rotation and re-posting using html is best. Bonus is that you can post more than one pic ina single post that way.

Look forward to seeing your picsc.



Here is a link that might be useful: Link to thread where bad pics - and cause and fix is discussed

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I can't tell much from your pictures...but the way you describe it, I agree with your husband. Put the freezer in the pantry (if possible) and move the toaster out by the sink. It sounds like a better option, especially with the extra drawers :)

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I also would agree with your DH's suggestion. Even though your pics are upside down, from what I can see your sink looks to be a focal point and I'd want it centered. Not to mention 18" drawers are much more useful than 12".

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I think your husband's solution is a good one. I wouldn't want my kids going into the pantry to make toast.

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Here you go :)

From [Farmhouse plans]( From [Farmhouse plans]( From [Farmhouse plans](
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If you click on the pictures they open in the correct position.

I don't think the sink looks too large but would want the additional counter space flanking it.

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The clicking to re-orient the pics thing doesn't work for most people, alas. Only for some people with certain devices running some programs.

What does work is a kind soul like Lavendar Lass who makes the effort to copy, rotate and repost the pics from their own PB account.

Which is exactly what the OPs could do, if they want to take the time to do so.

I'm not trying to be snarky, but I think that for the most part the burden of right-side up pics should rest with the OP.

Especially now that the cause - and the cure - for this systemic problem are known. It has to do with how the camera is oriented when a picture is taken. But even if/once it's taken incorrectly, it can be remedied by posting from a third party site as LL did.


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Thank you so much lavender! You beat me to it! I've been spending all morning trying to figure this out and I added them to my photobucket account, rotated them and was returning to do a test run. I so appreciate your help! As a new iPad user, I had no idea that pictures would appear in any other form other than how they display on the preview when drafting a post! I appreciate it being pointed out, otherwise I would have no knowledge of the bad etiquette apparently being posed on people here to help.

I try to be patient with people when they are trying new things, especially here, we know humans are just that and sometimes need a little patience, guidance, and yes, help, in a lot of instances!
Thanks again lavenderlass.

Seems like the consensus is to move the freezer, although in this lengthy DIY project I hesitate to add more work but DH is willing, and I would rather get it right than have regrets. After all, we are never doing this again!
Thanks for all your input!

If anyone has any more suggestions, I'm certainly open to any and all!

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No worries! It's a learning curve...and it took a very nice gal at the Cottage forum quite a while to explain posting pictures to me :)

I see what you mean about piling more work on your DH...but since he seems to like the idea, now might be the time!

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Sounds like your dh has a good plan. You've probably already measured, but will the freezer fit through your pantry door? Oh wait, did you say it's already in the pantry? If so, then you're good to go!

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