Anyone else have panic attacks before install?

mrsjoeAugust 31, 2012

Just thought I'd see if anyone else started having panic attacks when everything was finally ready for install? The custom cabinet shop has already delivered my boxes to my garage, and they have all the Walnut doors done at their shop. The brand new wall oven and cooktop are also in the garage. The cabinet shop also does counters and called today to say that my Cambria Buckingham came in earlier than expected, so they are going to start installing Tuesday (due to holiday weekend). I have already picked up my new faucet and the Blanco biscotti sink is due in on Tuesday. The Korner King looks amazing and is ready to go in the cabinet, along with all the other Rev-A-Shelf accessories. The natural color bamboo floor is already laid. So why am I freaking out?

I know I love all the pieces individually, but I guess I am in sheer terror that once they are all together I won't love them as much as I should for the cost, effort and time involved!

Anyway, just using the board as a bit of therapy...

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Well, ok, now I know I need to add 'Panic Attack' to my list of things to do before my own kitchen all goes together. Actually, I probably won't need to do a thing - it will just show up on its own!

I've been stressing over kitchen paint for the past 2 weeks and now that a sample is on the wall I will decide tomorrow if I still like it.

My sink faucet set got taken back to Lowe's when the over the sink light arrived and I realized it has a different metal finish.

I'm probably not far enough along to go into panic mode yet. I have the stove top and the sink, the ceiling lights are up and the over sink light is here. I know the vinyl flooring I'm using, and the counter top. Cabinets are in the early stages. I'm supposed to receive custom stain mixes soon, and I've selected the style doors that will be made, and the cabinet sizes/locations.

Let us know how it goes next week.

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I feel a little panic because today we start installing the cabinets. We are DIY so it makes us responsibile for everything. First thing this AM remembered that the two 12" cabinets are different so need to make sure they go in the right spots. Worried about measurements. I already messed up when I marked on the wall where the uppers would be. Realized two days ago the mistake, DH had to fix the drywall and repaint.

I think once the cabinets are installed I will relax. Its going to be a long weekend. Measuring for granite on wednesday.

mrsjoe are your cabinets installed?

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I freaked out a bit before the granite went in... what if I didn't like it? Then what? Cover it with a tablecloth was all I could think of. The tablecloth would make it hard to use the stove. But I DO like it so I don't have to do that.

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VBG- just about every desinger I know wakes in a cold sweat in the middle of the night a few times a year.

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Absolutely - wouldn't necessarily call it a true panic attack but was in a twit especially when instal dates would change and my work schedule could not change....
Wow - you got your Buckingham early - hope they finally are catching up to demand (we used 2 slabs due to the avalanche and my joke is we started the back log)
Hopefully four finally got hers also!!!

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Mini hijack: yes, we've had several delays, but the last delay will be shorter than originally reported -- our Buckingham will be installed this Wednesday! So a2, mrsjoe, and I will all soon have sister kitchens! :)

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I feel your pain. We have selected everything, have most of it here waiting for installation. We love every choice separately. However, I am worried sick that they won't all work together. I have trouble deciding what to wear each day or have for lunch. The choices are, obviously, much more permanent. My consolation is two-fold, one-- these are not all that important in the overall scheme of things, and two-- this anxiety is normal.
Still, I lie awake at night!

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Yes! My cabinets are in now but still waiting for the granite, appliances, sinks, and floor. I've been saying I feel like I took all my favorite things, threw them in a bag, shook them up and now it's time to toss them out. How will they all look and function together? I'm so excited to find out but very nervous during this wait. I hope to have this kitchen for 20 years so I'm hoping there are not too many mistakes or regrets!

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wow, Camphappy nailed my feelings too. Picked things that I loved individually but hard for me to picture how all of them will work out together in the end! I did base my selections off some "inspiration photos" so hopefully it will all work out. This is the kitchen I envision living in until retirement (many years away) so hope I nailed it ;-)

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Good to know that I am not alone or completely going crazy!

Can't wait until all I have left to do is duke out the backsplash with DH. He wants just the 4 inch backsplash, even though we are using 3cm Cambria. I think it will look ridiculous jetting out 3cm and want tile. If that's the only stress I have left though, I think I'll take it over the current level!

Besides, isn't help with the backsplash a gardenweb expertise?

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Nope. No panic at all. The night before install I was 5 years old again and it was Christmas Eve. I had to go to bed early so that morning would come faster. I could not have been more excited, and being worried never even entered my mind.

(Now then, do you want to talk about my middle of the night panic attack last night when I thought "what if we get snakes in our hot tub if we put it on a patio at ground level vs having it placed on a deck that is 11 feet up in the air?" Thanks Christine for the snake skin photos.....)

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Forgot - I used to keep a piece of paper next to my bed as I would dream ideas and if I didn't write them down, I would forget by morning!

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I am still one BIG panic attack! My quartz counters get templated on Wednesday... My cabinet maker still needs to get the back panel completed/installed prior to counters being installed... I need to order Corbels for island and bar eating area where there will be 10" and 12" overhangs... I have no clue which size to purchase for either area! Like I said, I am one BIG chunk of anxiety!

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Wondering if I will even sleep tonight...granite coming tomorrow after 6 week wait. Laid out my BS today and don't like how my bronze chair rail tile ends into the cooktop frame tile, so back to the drawing board! Thinking visions of tiles floating through the air will be in my dreams tonight.
Yes, mrsjoe, anxiety goes hand in hand with renovations! That observation, as well as the relavation that I am drinking wine like I did when I was a 20 year old college student!
Just gotta go with your initial instinct.

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I was the exact same way!! Freaking out inside once everything was in and the old kitchen was torn out (last Saturday). Well one week later, kitchen is complete and I love the way it all came together. When there were only a few of the new wall cabinets up, I felt disappointed that I made the wrong color choice in the painted finish. However, each day the kitchen progressed when more cabinets and new appliances were installed. I started liking it more and more! The granite counter top being installed was like the glue that pulled it all together!! :) My advice is to try not to hyper-focus on each little thing in isolation and keep telling yourself that each new part of your kitchen is just one piece to a puzzle and when all the pieces are put together it is going to look 'completely' beautiful. Please post pics when it is all done! Below is the link to my completed kitchen which I posted today.

Here is a link that might be useful: My $300 completed kitchen

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The day of my quartz countertop install, I hadn't seen it since we picked it out and my DH and I have gone back and forth on the color. It's an LG via tiara Oahu and he says it's blue with specks and I say it's black with specks. So on the install date, the workers bring in a slab that is medium blue and looks nothing like I remember, or nothing like my sample, and I asked them, " this doesn't look like my sample" they were laughing at me because it was a hi Mac that they use to see if the cabinets were level and my slabs were still on the truck. After a laugh and some relief I was glad. I still need to post pictures but they have turned out darker than it looks so I need to try taking pictures again. it is so nerve racking to see if what you loved individually will look good together. I've seen so many beautiful kitchens here that I'm sure yours will look fabulous.

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Mrsjoe, I am having a love affair with my new countertops! I just walk into the room and have to gloss my hands over them! Hope your install went well also!

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Pqsmom, I'm so happy you love your Buckingham! I can't wait for mine.

I'm still not 100% at ease, but doing better. There have been a few snags (what a surprise since that never happens right?). For example in spite of asking the owner of the cabinet shop about 7 times if she was sure she had made the trash cabinet big enough since I thought the Rev A Shelf website saying the opening had to be 15" meant it needed a 16.5" cabinet, she repeatedly stated her specs said a 16" would be fine. Well, installer agreed with me since the trash didn't fit. Now they are going to have to re-cut that cabinet, adjust some stuff and re-order the door. They also sort of forgot to make the fridge cabinet or order the doors for it. Whoops.

Anyway in spite of those and a couple other issues, they were still able to come out to template so at least the mistakes won't mean I have to wait even longer for my Buckingham - just as long as it takes to re-cut and install the messed up cabinets.

I found the templating interesting since it sort of looked like two grown men doing a big arts and craft project, using plywood boards instead of toothpicks! But maybe that's just the renovation insanity setting in.

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Here's what we've got so far:

Since the cabinet company is also doing the counters, they are going to hold off the doors until the counter is in. Before they do that though, they need to fix a couple cabinets they didn't make big enough for the Rev-A-Shelf items, adjust a couple things and add the square molding to the top. They plan on doing it all Tuesday.

Saw my Buckingham slab today and I think it's going to be great.

I still feel stresed though!

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Coming along great! Can't wait to see your buckingham installed!

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