Fix wall? Or not? Before tile backsplash

AlexPDLAugust 26, 2013

OK here goes! I have a wall that bows OUT almost an inch over a 3 foot wide span -- it does so evenly and smoothly. I never noticed it and in 6 years of living in the house I never realized that the wall moved OUT almost an inch.

I tore out the old granite and had new quartz counter tops put in.

Do I need to fix this before the backsplash goes is? I was thinking fo tearing out the wall and adding the right thickness to the 2x4 to make the wall straight. Some of the new drywall will sit ontop of the new quartz counter. I would then cover the entire thing with the backplash tile.

Otherwise, I leave it as is and no one knows. The tiles are small (3x4 wide and about 3 inches long) and I think it might effect the horizontal grout spaces only slightly. I put some of the sheets up and they looked fine as far as the group lines are concerned.

In the picture you can sort of see the red laser line. The wall starts moving out at around the first outlet in the picture then moves out an inch by the time it reaches the end of the wall.

I am tempted to just leave it as is. Is that a sin? Will the wall look wavy?

Thanks to all!!!!!


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