Which poultice for raspberry vinaigrette on granite

marti8aAugust 24, 2013

The granite is Kashmir Gold and has been sealed, but someone put down a plate that had strawberries and raspberry vinaigrette and now there is a red stain on the granite. I tried washing it several times with just water and then Dawn and water and it's still there.

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I got some Miracle Gro on granite and I mean the straight blue powder, not a diluted mixture. I put down a folded paper towel and soaked with peroxide. Then put several dry layers of paper towels on top. I kept repeating this over a week or so. It eventually pulled enough of the blue color out that it was barely noticeable.

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Thanks. I didn't have a response by the time I went to bed last night and found a youtube video showing a poultice made of talcum powder and peroxide. I had some Shower to Shower and made it. I don't know if it is working as it has to stay on a few days before taking it off. If that doesn't work, I'll try straight peroxide and the paper towels.

I wish it had been something blue, at least that would have blended more with the counter than red.

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I recently used some of Miracle Sealants brand poultice on my tile floor grout with great results. It is a fine powder that you can mix with water or different solvents, depending on the stain. My stain was melted butter. Followed the directions on the label (apply poultice, cover with plastic wrap and tape it down, wait the required hours) and the stain came right up. It worked equally as well on a few other stains of unknown origin. You can order it online from Home Depot (they didn't have it at the store), or directly from Miracle Sealants. A local tile supply house might also have it in stock. There might have been some specific instructions for applying to a polished surface. In any case, you can see all of the information about it on their website.

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