Freestanding refrigerator

jeremymaAugust 10, 2013

Hi. The refrigerator that was in the house I bought a few years ago is older and dying. In looking to replace it, it is an older unit and so the nook in the cabinetry for it only allows for a small refrigerator. We have a bare wall, though, opposite the stove that has much more space. I was considering putting the refrigerator there where I could use a larger unit and then just filling the previous nook with other storage. Would this end up looking odd? Have other people gone other routes other than having to do major changes to existing cabinetry?

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when you say opposite the will it be if you are at the stove and someone wants to get into the fridge? usually larger appliances are staggered rather than directly across the aisle from one another. It depends tho, on how many inches are in the aisle/ what type of fridge/if you can recess the fridge a bit. What are the dimensions of the nook.....could be made wider? would it then be a better location in general? Look into the narrow but taller Liebherr fridge....very roomy because of good space allocation.

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Fori is not pleased

Can you post photos of the current fridge hole and the potential new spot?

I've had a freestanding fridge in a corner. It worked well enough and when we wanted to "remodel", we would turn the fridge 90 degrees. :P

If there's no conflict with traffic patterns, the main issue will be filling the old hole.

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