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NorthofCenterAugust 22, 2013

About to remodel a kitchen. It is small -15 by 8. I am astounded by the prices I am getting for cabinets. 25K for semi custom Brookhaven (which seems chintzy to me). I would appreciate recommendations for good quality cabinets that are a good value. Thanks in advance.

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I agree with you, $25K for a 15x8 kitchen seems really high to me. I would get other quotes and ask them why it's so high?

It could be?
-include installation
-custom modifcations

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Agree with kompy ,
would add to her list
Finish / species upcharges whcih can be 5i25% EACH,, molding stack, stacked wall cabinets, other decorative details (corbels, legs, onlays)
Style always cost more than function- it is possible to almost double the price of a configuration.

Note: that as a project gets more complicated the price difference between a basic mid range brand and the next level up shrinks. Occasionally they even meet, on rare occasions the "higher" priced brand comes out to be less.(Just did a master bath went to my upper mid from my mainstream brand and saved client 400 bucks. With better product)

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Isn't Brookhaven Wood Mode's "lesser" line? I thought they had a reputation for being very nice cabinets and considered good quality.

You might try getting estimates from some independent cabinet makers...folks here often say their prices are comparable if not better.

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