regular drawers in the corner...anyone have this?

deedlesAugust 5, 2012

Got this pic off the Starcraft builders website. Wondering if anyone has this type of set-up? If anyone knows or can guess what would the space be on either side so the drawers can open? Do you think there is a minimum or maximum size cab for such a thing?

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what do you think about this corner setup?

Here is a link that might be useful: corner drawers from houzz

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Circus Peanut

Plllog has these! Use the search function to find pix an some details -- I believe she actually customized them further by fiddling with the back of the drawer shapes, too.

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I sure wonder if it isn't actually a door with a Lazy Susan behind it. That angled corner look was what they were going to give me on my uppers in order to put a Lazy Susan in and make the space more useable, but it would have been the only angle in the kitchen so I nixed the idea. The inside of the cab was a funky pentagon shape that was flush with the sides of the cabs on either side, and then went along the walls to the back corner. That makes no sense, does it? =) But, since they do have cabs on the bottom, why would they disguise a door with drawer fronts? Unless for symmetry or something.

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Beeps: nope, these are a regular drawer base turned on an angle.

I've seen Plllog's corner drawers, but on the Starcraft Builders site, they said their favorite corner cab was a regular drawer base, like this, turned on an angle. Less expensive than the corner ones, according to them.

I drew it out on graph paper and a 12" base turned like this would eat up like 9" of the neighboring cabinets space (although 3" of that would be fill anyway). Think I might rather have bigger drawers and say to heck with the corner after all.

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Huh. That's interesting deedles that it is just a "regular" drawer stack.

And, what you are talking about is what I did - just brought my drawers to the corner. Except - they did add 3" pull-outs in the corner on each side. I suppose that's to allow clearance for the drawers to open with hardware. Sounds like you took that clearance into your calculations already. I'm going to the corners more for form, but for function I could see it maybe being better anyway as it gives you longer drawers which in my mind increases their flexibility. The other would give you 3 sets of shorter drawers rather than 2 longer, including 12" drawers, which I have in this house and I find they aren't really useful for much. Good luck in your calculations! :)

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Beeps: that's the conclusion I'm reaching and what I've read here, too. Wider drawers whenever possible.

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